100,000 BTC Satoshis in 30 Minutes Using this Safe Betting Strategy
Modified Martingale Strategy Resistant to 20+ Losing Streaks

100,000 BTC Satoshis in 30 Minutes Using this Safe Betting Strategy

By ankarlie | BlockchainEnthusiast | 16 Mar 2020


Hi! Today I want to share with you a betting system that I learned from my cryptocurrency mentor. It gives the user of Freebitco.in a better chance of winning in its High and Low game.  Although I have a very successful run using my betting system let me be clear that this is still Gambling and more often than not the developers of this site made sure that they will have always have the edge. This system does NOT GUARANTEE that you will win each and every time. The only thing that this system does is increase your odds of winning. With that being said let us begin.  

This betting system guide aims to discuss the following: 

1. Introduce a modified martingale betting system. 

2. What to do when you are in a winning streak. 

3. How to manage your losses when you are in a losing streak. 

4. How to break away from a cyclic lose-win loop and going nowhere. 

5. When to take profit and When to stop. 

What is Freebitco.in?

Before we start discussing the betting system let me share with you what Freebitco.in is. I was introduced to this site by my mentor who told me that I could get some free Bitcoins at this site. At that time I viewed the site as a free bitcoin faucet where it gives out free satoshis every hour. Compared to other faucets it gives out a relatively bigger amount of satoshi. I fact until now I still go to this site to get the free satoshis and try to multiply them by using the High and Low game.



Aside from being a faucet, the site functions as an online casino as it has the high and low (Dice like game) where users can try to multiply their crypto holdings. It has the same mechanics found on many online casinos that have a dice game. I am not really a gambling person but I do love to play games of chance once and awhile. It also features a weekly lottery and reward system that incentivizes people to use the site. Users are allowed to deposit BTC into the website and use the high and low game. 



Freebitco.in also has an affiliate program. If you like you can join through my affiliate link here. You can earn generous commissions by simply referring users to Freebitco.in. According to the site if your referral uses the free BTC faucet you will also get 50% of base prize. If they use the multiply game each of their wager will earn you 0.40% wager/bet. And finally, you will also receive 25% of the daily interest of the player from the EARN BTC.



EARN BTC is a passive income program that allows users to earn interest from their BTC holdings. All you have to do is to hold at least 30,000 Satoshi (0.0003 BTC) in your deposit address in  Freebitco.in. That deposit will earn you 4.08% annually. Although this is not much it has a higher APR than most traditional banks and financial institutions.  Due to the high-interest rates, many users of the site use the deposit address as some sort of custodial wallet. 

Start Using Freebitco.in

Now that we have an idea of what Freebitco.in is, we will now discuss how to start using the site. For beginners, we use it first as a free Faucet only. This is to mitigate our risk by using satoshi or BTC that has been freely given away. Think of Freebitco.in as any other faucet site that gives you Free satoshis every hour. You may try to use the multiplier but use it sparingly. Use a simple Martingale strategy to multiply your rewards using min bet (1 Satoshi) as your starting bet. Try to set your target winnings to double the amount you get from the faucet site. 

         e.g. if you get 70 sat try to multiply it and make it 140 SAT. 

Simple Martingale Strategy: 

1. Start with a base bet in this case we use 1 satoshi (bet 1). 

2. Bet with a high or a low it does not matter. 

3. If it wins you bet again with the same bet which is 1 sat (bet 2). 

4. If it loses you double your bet to 2 sats (bet2). 

5. If the 2nd bet wins you go back to your base bet which is 1 sat (bet 3) 

6. If the 2nd bet loses then you double your bets again to 4 sat (bet 3).  

7. Do this cycle until you win your target which are 140 sat. 

Please do note that the starting bet is the one that determines how much we win each cycle in a winning bet. It is also important to note that we are using a martingale type betting strategy hence there is a need to have a significant amount of satoshis as this strategy increases your bets exponentially. If you started with 70 satoshi in the wallet and your starting bet is 1 satoshi you can lose everything is a 5 losing streak. 

We now start our discussion in the strategy proper. This strategy is only for those who have at least 500k satoshi in their deposit wallet in Freebitco.in. Again if you do not have at least 500k satoshi please just stick to the faucet claiming first until you reach 500k. If you don't you might want to deposit some to reach the desired amount. All strategies we will employ here will assume that you have at least 500k satoshi in your deposit wallet

Simple Martingale Strategy

The Simple Martingale strategy is not a complicated system. Let us consider we have 500k satoshi in our deposit wallet. We start betting with 40 sat as our starting bet (Base bet). Every time we bet and win we bet the same amount which is 40 sat. In the even we lose we double our bet in the next round. If we lose once again we double our bet again, doing this until such time that we win. When we win we reset our bet to our base bet or starting bet of 40 sat.

To have a clearer view of what is happening please see the betting sequence below: 

40 win, 40 win, 40 win, 40 lose, 80 lose, 160 lose, 320 win, 40 win, 40 win, 40 win, 40 lose, 80 win, 40 lose. 


Flow chart of Simple Martingale


Please remember that the number of bets you can make is directly proportional to the number of bitcoins you currently hold in the deposit wallet of Freebitco.in. In our case since we have 500k satoshi using the simple martingale we have about 12 chances before catastrophic lost. This means that we have a losing streak resistance of 11 losses.  The purpose of showing you the simple martingale strategy is to show you how risky it is. 12+ losing streaks are not unheard of in the platform hence we wanted a develop a betting strategy that would increase our survival from losing streaks.

3R4X Modified Martingale Strategy

The 3R4X is a modified martingale strategy. It sounds complicated but in reality it is not. Let us again consider we have 500k satoshi in our internal wallet. Similar to the simple martingale we always bet the starting bet or base bet (40 sat) in a winning streak.  Now in a losing streak, we manage our loses by employing the 3R4X strategy. 3R means, 3 repeats and 4x, means multiply by 4. In this strategy in a losing streak, we place 3 consecutive similar bets. After 3 consecutive loses we multiply the base bet by four. The betting sequence is shown below: 

40 win, 40 win, 40 lose, 40 lose, 40 lose, 160 lose, 160 lose, 160 lose, 640 win, 40 win , 40 win 

As you can see above we only revert back to the base bet of 40 when we win RIGHT AFTER we multiplied the base bet by 4. Of course, that is not always the case because we sometimes win at the second or third repeated bet. There is where complications occur and we have to employ different tactics to remove ourselves in that situation.  

Condition 1: Win after first lost 

40 win, 40 win, 40 lose, 40 win  

This just resets streak (does not affect your balance) In this condition you neither lose nor win anything. Just continue the 3R4X strategy you are using. 

Condition 2: Win after 2nd lost 

40 win, 40 win, 40 lose, 40 lose, 40 win You lose 40 sat 

In this condition you just lost 40 sat you, may try to bet another 40  and win to cancel the lost or double your bet switching to simple martingale until you win.   

Condition 3: Wins after first lost right after multiplying by 4 

40 win, 40 win, 40 lose, 40 lose, 40 lose, 160 lose, 160 win 

You lose 120 sat in this condition. It happens when you win right after your first loss of the 4x bet. You can bet another 160 to actually win 40 satoshis since 160-120 is 40 or just take the loss and switch to Simple martingale to regain the lost 120 Sat. However, this condition is dangerous since if you lose again this effectively reset a losing streak with your base bet at 160 satoshis.  A higher base eats up a lot more satoshis and lowers your resilience against losing streaks. 

Condition 4:  Win after 2nd lost right after multiplying by 4 

40 win, 40 win, 40 lose, 40 lose, 40 lose160 lose, 160 lose, 160 

Here you lost 280 sat. This condition happens because you have to take into account the losses you have incurred before multiplying the base bet by 4. You have three choices here:

(a) Bet the same amount of 160 and lose only 120.

(b) Double your next bet to win 40 sat (320-280=40)

c) just take the loss and revert back to base bet of 40.

In this case, I recommend that you go back to 40 and just take the loss and switch to a simple martingale strategy until you recover the 280 sat that was lostUpon recovery of the 280, Sat lost go back to the 3R4X strategy.  The safest way, however, is to use the 3R4X martingale.

We always like to go back to the 3R4X strategy because this gives us significantly more chances of winning than the simple martingale strategy. In a simple martingale strategy, you can only survive 12 consecutive lost (the given base bet is 40 satoshi with 500k satoshi in the wallet) while using 3R4X can survive a 20 consecutive losing streak

It is important to remember that in 3R4X we always count the loses and we always count them in three’s before multiplying by 4.This is especially important when you are betting fast.  

There is a special condition in which results seem to be in a lose-win loop and you are going nowhere. When you encounter this you just try to weather the loop until you encounter two consecutive wins or losses. If you encounter two consecutive wins and you are above base bet go back to the base bet. But If already in the base bet (40 sat) you do not need to do anything but to continue your bet. When you encounter two consecutive loses you employ either the simple martingale or 3R4X. However, if you are way above base bet it is recommended to just go back to base bet (40 sat) to reset betting cycle. 

Flow chart of 3R4X Modified Martingale:


When to Stop and Take Profit

Now when do we stop or when do we take profit? Some of us find it hard to stop especially when we are in a winning streak only to find ourselves losing everything in the end. To avoid such a scenario, before we start using the multiplier of Freebitco.in we should already have a target on what we want to achieve.  

I set a target of 10% daily. For an account that has 500,000 satoshis. that is 50,000 satoshi target winnings and I don’t try to win it in one sitting. I divide it into four 12,500 Satoshi target winnings every betting session after I get the free satoshi from the built-in faucet.  Using this target I can possibly double my bitcoins every 10 days

There are bad days where you keep on losing (more often than not). I have set my stop loss at 30%-40%. Meaning if I lost 30%-40% of my original balance I stop playing and try to multiplier after an hour or on another day.  This usually happens at the 11th losing streak at simple martingale and 18th losing streak at 3R4X modified martingaleSimple%20Martingale%20Compare.png


 Now that we have a target (10% daily) and stop lost plan (lose of 30%-40%) we now know exactly what conditions when to stop. This begs us the question of how fast we can get there.  In reality, we cannot say exactly since conditions differ from time to time but, we can speed up the process by changing the base bet. We sometimes like to change base bets from 40 sat to 400 sat at times.

If the target is set to 50k satoshi daily and we set 40 sat as our base bet then we need around 1250 wins daily before we can reach that target. Although setting the base bet to 40 gives us more chances of winning it also exposes us to the risk longer. With 400 sat base bets, we only need 125 wins to reach the daily target of 50k satoshi. achieving less risk exposure.

Here is a quick comparison between the two (Assuming 500k Sat in the wallet):  



As you can see above when using simple martingale it does not have much impact on the number of losing streak before reaching stop lost condition. For 40 satoshi you reach it at the 11th bet while a 400 satoshi starting bet or base bet you reach it at the 8th bet a mere 3 losing bets difference. On the other hand, when using  3R4X modified martingale there is a 5 losing bets difference.  In one of our practice betting sessions we were able to earn 100K satoshi in less than 30 minutes buy increasing the base bet from 40 sat to 400 sat using simple martingale strategy (We had 1M satoshi in the wallet).  

Increasing the base bet from 40 sat to 400 sat may seem to be a very enticing proposition but always remember that we formulated a betting system for the purpose of increasing the number of chances of winning by increasing the number of possible betsIncreasing the base bet does the reverse. It lowers the number of possible bets.  

 That concludes the discussion of our betting system. Let me end by summarizing the betting system that we have discussed. 

1. We set the target winnings at 10% of our bitcoin we have in the deposit wallet. 

2. We don’t try to win in one sitting. 4 sessions with 2.5% Target earnings will do. 

3. We set stop lost when we lost 30%-40%  of our funds

4. There are two methods we use to manage loses these are Simple martingale and 3R4X modified martingale.

5. We switch between the two methods whenever needed to break cyclic trends or for faster recovery of loses  

6. Increasing base bets accelerates our earning rate but decreases the chances of winning.

Final Reminders: · 

  • The high and low game is not a simple 50-50 chance game. It is much of a strategy game much like chess. Here you manage losing streaks. · 
  • The site adjusts the sequence of results depending on the strategy you use. This suggests that the site might be using a special kind of algorithm or artificial intelligence or learning software or the site is rigged. 
  • We use the Brave browser which has superior protection against trackers and markers and clears its cache before and after the betting session.  
  • Always count your losses. 
  • Be wary of Winning streaks it is like fattening you up and getting you ready for the butcher.
  • Beware of those cyclic lose-win loops the system is trying to increase your base bet or throw you off your strategy.
  • The system takes advantage of emotions: enticing you to bet more in a winning streak or enrages you in a losing streak bet with no emotions. 



Disclosure Statement:

This article was originally published in Steemit by yours truly. I have made some revisions to reflect the latest iteration of the website. Please be reminded that this is gambling and there is no guarantee that this will always work all the time. Please always play with money that you are willing to lose. 


I am freelance writer and content creator for blockchain technology-related topics and allied industries.


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