Pin Save on Fantom - Fantom Q1 Devpost Hackathon submission

Pin Save on Fantom - Fantom Q1 Devpost Hackathon submission

By Dspyt | BlockChain Tech | 5 Mar 2023

Pin Save is a decentralized image, video sharing and content aggregation platform where users can not only control the content but also the platform itself.


Currently monolithic web applications retain ownership of user content and stifle the adoption of decentralized technology.

A user could use Open Sea to publish the content, however the obstacles are significant:

Only a very small fraction of collections get to the homepage.
The content publishing process requires confidence and experience in web 3.
Feedback and engagement metrics related to content are reflected mostly in price movement.
In addition, there is a lack of an alternative platform in the ecosystem to provide users with an ability to create, share, moderate and discuss decentralized posts.

The decentralized feed reinforces the discovery of content and feedback.
Decentralized Identity (ERC-725), which provides anonymity and data protection.
Upgradeable, resilient, and more open decentralized storage.
Smart contracts to securely serve web experiences directly to users.

Submission Link on Devpost:

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