How-To Use Brave Browser to Lower Electricity Costs

How-To Use Brave Browser to Lower Electricity Costs

By TheLowDown | Blockchain Simplified | 31 Dec 2019

  • Do you run up your home or office electricity bill with constant electronics use?


  • Would you like to offset the cost of electricity without changing your online habits significantly?


The answer to your problems is Brave Browser.

Have You Heard of Brave?


Brave browser pays you to view ads (of which are not obstructive to most/typical browser usage). That's right, all you have to do to offset (to a point) the cost of your electricity--is use the Brave browser when you are searching the web.

Since I started using brave browser in July of 2019, I have been paid by Brave via the Uphold wallet numerous times.

In fact, I have been paid over 100 BAT by simply using the Brave browser!

Proof can be seen here :



I have earned 74.50 + 29.55 + 22.40 = 126.45 BAT since starting to use Brave browser!


With 126.45 BAT, I could pay down a little bit of my electricity bill. Or I could save the BAT--wait until I feel as though they're worth a price that I would like to sell them at & pay even larger bills later on down the road!


Why not use BAT to combat increasing electricity prices across the world?




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