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New Year New Bitcoin - Welcome to 2020 Everyone!

1 Jan 2020 1 minute read 0 comments TheLowDown

As we enter 2020, Bitcoin sentiment has slowly become bullish--silently. Recent price action has completely destroyed the sentiment among retail crypto buyers as Bitcoin price went from 3k - 14k - 6k (and now we sit at 7.2k)--All in the year 2019 Tho...

How-To Use Brave Browser to Lower Electricity Costs

31 Dec 2019 1 minute read 0 comments TheLowDown

Do you run up your home or office electricity bill with constant electronics use?   Would you like to offset the cost of electricity without changing your online habits significantly?   The answer to your problems is Brave Browser. Have You Hear...

Paid by Publish0x in BAT - Payout Journal Week #3

31 Dec 2019 1 minute read 0 comments TheLowDown

Week 1 : Week 2 : I have been paid in BAT--By Publish0x!...

What Price Do You Consider Bitcoin Bullish At?

29 Dec 2019 1 minute read 0 comments TheLowDown

As we continue to develop momentum in a bullish price direction, Bitcoin price confidence among the masses perpetuates positive sentiment already developing with price. The entirety of market bullishness leads, historically (aside from a few alts ove...

Edition #2 : is Giving Away 'Notes' & I Want 1000

28 Dec 2019 1 minute read 0 comments TheLowDown

You can find my original post here : So, my journey with continues. As a believer in crowdfunding campaigns, republic interested me from the st...

Selling Crypto Paired With Bullion - TheLowDown

27 Dec 2019 1 minute read 0 comments TheLowDown

I have been collecting bullion, coins, etc., for over a decade. I am going to be providing a crypto-focused product offering for this platform's members (only) & I would love input from users willing to provide it. Bullion as an investing medium is t...

Paid by Publish0x in BAT - Payout Journal Week #2

23 Dec 2019 1 minute read 12 comments TheLowDown

I have been paid again by Publish0x! As can be seen above, I was paid Monday, the 23rd of December 2019 in the amount of 5.1481 BAT. This marks the second payment, and furthermore, the largest payment that I have received from Publish0x to date. Wi...

I Am Buying Hydro Tokens With ALL DAI Earned On Publish0x

21 Dec 2019 1 minute read 2 comments TheLowDown

I have made a post about HODLing my Hydro tokens until January of 2022 found here : I have done research into Hydro for the last two days (on and o...

Republic is Giving Away 'Notes' + FREE Equity In 2 Companies

21 Dec 2019 2 minute read 0 comments TheLowDown

Republic caught my attention today as I browsed the web for promising crowdfunding projects, and eventually 'sharedrops/airdrops'. The site, mission statement, and performance since inception is simply astounding. Not only is Republic friendly with n...

I WILL NOT Sell My Hydro Until January 2022 - Starting Today

21 Dec 2019 1 minute read 0 comments TheLowDown

The more research that I do into the Hydro project, the more I seem to like the idea of HODLing the token long-term. Previously, I did a post on committing to HODLing BAT tokens, earned in a number of ways (including but not limited to the Brave brow...


Affiliate Leaderboard Launch - $230 In Prizes for January

6 Jan 2020 Dan Bainbridge

06 January 2020
Nice! I’ve been waiting for these features!

Big transfers show Ripple selling 100 million XRP

5 Jan 2020 kripto sedat

05 January 2020
Ripple is a scam and a half. Anyone who buys ripple is completely ignorant to the fact of founders selling daily.

Turn your website into an awesome blog with this Publish0x widget!

4 Jan 2020 BtcSapiens

05 January 2020
Perfect. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. I hope google checks itself when it starts losing money. They’re out of control.

I WILL NOT Sell My BAT Until 2021 - Starting Today

19 Dec 2019 TheLowDown

04 January 2020
As am I. Theyre doing some really great things regarding pulling marketshare/ad dollars from youtubes pockets. For me, that means a lot, as goog has monopolized online advertising for quite some time.

Enjin Crypto Wallet - Review and Features

26 Dec 2019 The Part Time Economist

29 December 2019
No doubt! I'm aiming at a content network in all reality. With a couple landers sprinkled throughout monetizing traffic if possible. Good luck to you too!

Enjin Crypto Wallet - Review and Features

26 Dec 2019 The Part Time Economist

28 December 2019
Haven't put out much content for the last few years. I've been focusing on trying to get a site or two up over the last month more than anything. I enjoy Publish0x though.

Returning to the Gold Standard is Foolish

28 Dec 2019 Daniel Goldman

28 December 2019
Gold is great if you really just like to collect bullion and coins. I’ve been buying silver over gold lately though without hesitation.

Enjin Crypto Wallet - Review and Features

26 Dec 2019 The Part Time Economist

28 December 2019
Kills it here, do you have a following elsewhere?

Matic Mainnet May 2020 -Simple Introduction - A Financial Opportunity of a Lifetime

27 Dec 2019 Perry1

28 December 2019
Didn’t Matic drop significantly recently? Pump and dump style cliff drop right?

Registering A Domain On The Blockchain: The New Digital Estate Hustle

25 Dec 2019

26 December 2019
Yeah I picked up a few ens domains for each wallet that I have. They’re great. Picked up some unbelievably cheap ens domains (less than 1usd). I was genuinely surprised about that price point.

Paid by Publish0x in BAT - Payout Journal Week #2

23 Dec 2019 TheLowDown

25 December 2019
They process payments every Monday as far as my experience is concerned. They approve said w/drawls the day/night before. So the short answer is once a week, if you request payment that week.

Paid by Publish0x in BAT - Payout Journal Week #2

23 Dec 2019 TheLowDown

24 December 2019
Thank you very much, following as well.

Another shining example of Socialism/Communism!

16 Dec 2019 ArmFarm

23 December 2019
No problem! Tipped today too.

Market Research on Brave. A Double Entendre.

23 Dec 2019 Decentralized Finance

23 December 2019
This is the second piece that I've read on Brave's VPN project. I hope that I'm part of that BETA release. Wonder what kind of stats/history of-use that they want possible first VPN nodes to have, or more importantly, what kind of hardware they require a node to possess/operate.

19-Year-Old Hacker SIM-‘Sweeps’ $1m In Crypto Under His Victims’ Noses

22 Dec 2019

23 December 2019
Anything can be broken. People need to remember that time and wit will always win if the puzzle is created by another human.

Step by Step Comparison Guide: XRP Vs Litecoin

23 Dec 2019 cam_elica_24

23 December 2019
Nice article, It’ll be interesting to see if Ltc ever recovers from its devaluation

Two Important Altcoins No-One Talks About Anymore and Why

22 Dec 2019

23 December 2019
ADA has a lot of fud behind it because of the arrogance/ego of the devs involved. It’d be great for them to be humbled by some sort of regulatory body on false release dates and announcements.

Bitcoin Isn't Real - But It's Still Valuable

20 Dec 2019 The Part Time Economist

23 December 2019
Those are some great socks. New mission, earn a pair.

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