Silver or Gold? Maybe Digital Gold? What do you choose for your investment!

By Galantin | Blockchain Ninja | 18 Dec 2020

Digital gold! Silver! Gold!

Many analysts recommend owning gold and silver to protect your savings in times of crisis. But there are several reasons why you should not buy too much silver, and it is better to give preference to the yellow precious metal.

Money comes and goes, but precious metals always remain. Anyone who is now worried about the safety of their wealth should certainly pay attention to gold as an investment asset. Although the price of gold has some volatility, this precious metal has managed to maintain its purchasing power for many millennia.

The same goes for silver. The point is that modern fiat currencies are based solely on trust in their purchasing power. As history has shown, the unrestricted printing of unsecured money by central banks and government budget deficit policies are gradually destroying this trust.

Some experts and analysts recommend having some silver in your investment portfolio. They give several reasons for this. First, this precious metal is largely undervalued compared to gold. Moreover, silver can act as money for payments in a severe crisis. It is also argued that the possession of silver has never been prohibited by law, although it is not. The fact is that silver is mostly used in the industry. Sure, it makes sense to have silver coins to diversify, but gold is much better suited to serve as a store of value during a crisis.

There are some drawbacks to buying silver coins, especially given the current gold/silver price ratio, according to some experts. Here are just some arguments:

  • Storage of silver requires significantly more space than gold purchased with the same amount of money. The mass of silver will be many times greater, which means it will be more difficult to transport it;

  • In some countries, for example in Germany, when buying silver you need to pay VAT, which means its value will be higher than that of gold;

  • The price of silver is much more volatile than the price of gold. The current high price ratio of both precious metals suggests that gold is a much better asset for protecting savings from depreciation;

  • Silver as an investment asset is less common than gold, which means it will be more difficult to sell it if necessary. Moreover, silver changes colour over time, which means that it requires more costly personal care than pure gold.



Why not try a new way to invest in gold?

For several years now, there has been one interesting company in the cryptocurrency market. It's called Digital Gold. The company has created an analogue of gold only in the digital environment. Digital Gold takes a stable coin approach. Where the price of their coin is verified with physical gold. The main benefits can be felt immediately. First, there is a place to store precious metals. To store this gold, you will need a regular flash drive or even a piece of paper! It is much easier to move assets outside your country in this way. Wherever you are, you can access them. The safety of such projects is much higher than keeping gold at home. Working with digital gold we do not need to pay VAT. Of course, you are a law-abiding citizen. But you can buy digital gold without VAT. That will allow you to buy more gold in your piggy bank. Do not forget that this is a very good way to save your funds in this difficult time for the economy. Although the cryptocurrency is experiencing an unprecedented rise today!




Digital Gold is a universal solution for both long-term investment in gold and fast and stable work within the cryptocurrency market. The coin is stable. Has good inflation protection. The main advantage can be considered that when buying a GOLD token, we will not have to overpay to banks. After all, the price of buying and selling there is different! Try investing in a new marketplace with Digital Gold.




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