Why are Gaming Dapps Migrating to Matic Network – Gaming the Turning Point for Mass Adoption – The 2nd Real Use-Case for Blockchain – 5 New Games Migrating to Matic
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Why are Gaming Dapps Migrating to Matic Network – Gaming the Turning Point for Mass Adoption – The 2nd Real Use-Case for Blockchain – 5 New Games Migrating to Matic

By Perry1 | Blockchain Innovation | 3 Aug 2020

According to Toptal Research blockchain technology will totally transform the online gaming industry and overturn the monopolistic console game industry. Blockchain is likely to become the norm for the immersive game player. One of the benefits of blockchain gaming is that it offers liquidity in the form of tokenization, which grants ownership of items and in-game gold. In 2019 the gaming market generated $138 Billion in Revenue. Granted most of the revenue was earned by the use of consoles such as Switch, Xbox and Ps4 that accounted for $47.9 Billion (32%). Nevertheless, other devices are also popular. A recent survey showed that The survey found that, on average, 71 per cent of gamers use a smartphone, 64 per cent a computer, 34 per cent a tablet and 26 per cent a console. This shows that more and more gamers are playing games without a console. In another article, it states that mobile games revenue is expected to reach $76 Billion by the end of 2020. Nevertheless, blockchain games have been and are currently slow with regard to adoption. This is due to the phrase created by Vitalik Buterin, The Blockchain Trilemma: Decentralization, Scalability and Security. A fourth major factor is the cost.


Source: Techzonefuture

How Matic Solves these Problems

Existing architectures are barring meaningful adoption of hundreds of online games due to scalability, security, cost and lack of decentralization.

1. Fees / Cost /Scalability

Even though Ethereum is experiencing issues due to scalability and cost it remains the number one choice of Dapp developers according to an article published by Magas (2020). However, Matic Network solves the problem by building a decentralized platform using an adapted version of Plasma framework that provides a solution for faster and extremely low-cost transactions with finality on the main chain (security), using POS checkpoints.

As stated by 0xuniverse: 0xUniverse has always been known to be an Ethereum-only game. Now it’s about to change. We are integrating support for Matic. With this move, Matic and 0xuniverse teams hope to boost interaction between users of the different chains. Matic Network aims to bring massive scale to Ethereum. Not only that but also to solve the traditional Ethereum-specific problems. Such as slow block confirmation and high gas fees (0xuniverse 2020).

Note: Matic is currently interoperable with the  EOS and Tron blockchains.

Telegram user Coodz Mac made the following statement: On 0xUniverse, to transfer a planet on Matic universe cost 0.02 ($0.0004052) Matic compared to ETH Universe which is currently 0.010006 ETH ($3-85) to transfer a planet! congratulations Matic you've revived a game that was sent to the Ethereum transactions slaughterhouse.

Ethereum currently, processes transactions at 15 transactions per second (TPS). This will change when Eth 2.0 reaches stage 1, sometime in 2021, at the earliest, by which time the network will be even more highly congested. Daily more and more Dapps are building on Ethereum – including DeFi protocols, some of which will be launching shortly. Fees are likely to skyrocket even more unless the stress is lessened by using the Matic sidechain, or another solution. However, Matic is ready and fully functional with blocks times of 2 seconds.

Matic currently has a TPS of 7200 on a single sidechain and fees are at least 100 X less than on the mainchain. Hundreds of sidechains can exist on Matic that are interoperable and which use horizontal sharding.

Migration is not complicated and the Matic team will fully assist developers with the process. A community member who is a developer wrote an article recently with the title, “How to use Matic in your Dapp -Deploying and onboarding users to Matic to avoid the high gas costs” Some of the Blockchain games that are migrating to Matic can be seen below. These are not all the games, and an additional five more will be announced this week (3 - 7 August 2020).


2. Security

Security is a major issue when it comes to building on the blockchain. One of the reasons developers build on Ethereum is that is has been tested over many years and trusted for its security features. As stated above the Matic Network sidechain finalizes transactions on the Ethereum mainchain. Thus Matic provides scalability and lower fees for Ethereum while at the same time inheriting Ethereum’s security features.

3. Decentralization

Online gaming is important to gamers as many believe that censorship is on the rise. According to an article by Binance Academy not all games are fully decentralized. Some of them make use of erc-721 tokens or other blockchain tokens but are actually running on centralized servers. In fact, a vast majority operate on a centralized model. According to Binance Academy individuals do not have ownership of their accounts which can result in the following problems:

  1. Server malfunction due to technical issues
  2. System infiltration by hackers
  3. Game shut down
  4. Undeserved ban on accounts
  5. Lack of transparency regarding game mechanics and rates
  6. Manipulation of the game economy by developers and administrators

Matic is currently in phase 2 of a 3 phase Mainnet launch. Phase 2 is centralized and Phase 3 is fully decentralized.

In conclusion, Matic is becoming the go-to platform for gaming Dapps seeking a platform that offers a solution to the Blockchain Trilemma.


Contact a Matic Team Member to Integrate Your Project for Layer 2 Scaling, lower fees, full security and decentralization

For those interested in building / integrating with the Ethereum / Matic network you can contact a member of the team at https://matic.network/about/ where individual team members contact information can be found, or at info@matic.network



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Blockchain Innovation
Blockchain Innovation

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