"Waxie infinity" , just kidding. Monster Fight is coming soon!!!!!

Previously we had talked about a project that is presented to us as an alternative to axie in the blockchain wax

A few days after its launch, the development team has released a trailer that gives us a visual idea of ​​the project and leaves us wanting to try it out.

Here I bring you the video published directly from the official Monster Fight channel on YouTube. (The first is the trailer and the second is a gameplay)

Official trailer


First look at gameplay


MOFI will have its launch with the adventure mode to be able to understand the mechanisms and effects of the skills, although it may be that you already have an approach to this type of game and know more or less what it is about.

If all goes well according to the trailer, we may be playing on March 31st!, so we would have less than 15 days to be able to join the beginning of this project.

It is worth mentioning that the staking of the game's native token $MOFI is already in operation on the official MonsterFight page and recently, on March 17, a liquidity pool was activated on the Alcor Exchange platform where you can participate with the pair of tokens. MOFI/WAX to get additional rewards by generating LP tokens and staking them.

If you liked this post, please follow me for more MOFI content. In the following posts I will be bringing more interesting information about the game, such as its skills, monsters, adventure mode, etc. Thanks for reading and don't forget to visit the links that I leave below in the description to follow this project closely.








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