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By Luke B | Blockchain Games | 9 Oct 2020

Explore, Collect, Build and advance your people in this huge immersive universe which is all "Onchain"!

What Caught My Eye:

One of the things that caught my eye with "Project Nebula" is that they have this completely different philosophy when building their game compared to 99% of the market.

They will focus their game around managing your economy and climbing your way up through a "skill tree" in order to progress.
For me personally I love that! In my eyes every good game has some element of economy management and skills to work on for your faction/character.



A blockchain based game of interstellar exploration. Discover and own unique planets, artefacts, and more in an ever-expanding universe


The Focus:

Having unique artwork, Project Nebula intend to carry over the natural beauty of space into their game, one of their reasons for creating this game is their love of all things in the universe.

They even went as far as shrinking the planets a little to make sure the focal point (detail) has more of an impact on the player which is awesome!
Understanding the little details which makes players go "wow" is what separates the amazing from the great for me.

At first I thought this game would focus solely on display however, they are adding way more game features too like a "Skill Tree", Unique Pieces which can only be found on certain planets along with managing your economy.




What To Expect:

Well we can expect to see a hybrid version of a 4x space strategy and a simple collector game like "0xUniverse" which never really lived up to the hype because simply the game is just boring.

I say hybrid because the team behind this project said they did not want to create another overly complicated space management/strategy game.
Being a fan of this genre myself, I do agree there are way too many great space games out there which take way too much time to have fun with.

Project Nebula plan to bring a whole new approach combining the best of both worlds so the collectors and gamers can both enjoy the economy along with the vast universe!

So there will be 3 types of resources,
1) Credits
2) Research Points
3) Industry

These will be fairly simple and logical to understand so reading the step by step guide should get "EVERYBODY" in a game place to have fun.
How will you rule your galactic empire? Which skills will you work on or which planets will you collect?





The closed beta and game launch are not far out in all honesty, I will be looking to get in on the "closed beta" as I am excited to see what has been built.


To set up the beta and game launch, there will be a "Presale" taking place this month (October 2020) which will give early players a chance at getting unique, once in a life times NFTs.

Once the game launches there will be other "Legendary" and "Rare" NFTs spawned too but the presale will only be minted once.
At the moment there are not many details about the time/price so you will just have to keep a check or subscribe to their newsletter.

Presale Starting This Month! Get Ready!

To make sure you do not miss out and that nothing is done last minute, I would recommend looking at the "Set up" page if you are interested in "Project Nebula" presale.

You will need an ICON wallet so definitely check out this link -




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