AlterVerse: Disruption

AlterVerse: Disruption Alpha! 

By Luke B | Blockchain Games | 18 May 2020

Boasting a rich back story that I really enjoyed reading AlterVerse will offer you not just entertainment, potential to earn or just standard skins but a whole new world! This game will change how we play, we will play to earn & exploring endless galaxies while doing it!

Disruption is the very first of many game worlds that will be developed, allowing you to be part of a big crew & handling the day to day life of your Disruptor ship, defending it too! Those pesky pirates! 


below is my favourite part of the story as the explorers breakthrough into the AlterVerse!


A space-worthy craft was built to enter the portal. They called it a Disrupter Ship.

An opportunistic financier named Sidney Trawle learned of Percy’s discovery and the quandary he faced.

Trawle believed the safest way to enter this anomaly would be aboard a space-worthy vessel with enough power to create the disruption field and enter the portal while, at the same time, protecting the people inside from whatever lay in wait.

He approached Percy with the idea and they immediately began construction of a powerful disruption field generator built into a spacecraft capable of carrying a crew and everything they might need.

They called it a Disrupter ship.

Upon completion, the ship was christened “The Magellan”, and a crew of the best and brightest scientists and engineers was assembled to sail into the unknown.

A salty dog named Jake Blade was chosen to be the Captain.

The dangers of the mission were great, and they knew that if they left, they may never return.

They said their goodbyes — and boarded the ship…


I do have an "Alliance" on there you can join -  I am actually looking for a cover image & logo for this alliance called "Guardians" so let me know if you want to make that.


Let's carry on with the game and what you can expect from AlterVerse,


There will be no shortage of worlds to visit, objectives to complete, loot to find, ships to raid & alliances to build! when the AlterVerse is in full motion there will be thousands if not hundreds, millions of gamers all around the world exploring this new reality!


In-Game Currency? There sure is and not just one either!  Will your face be on one of the local currencies? will an Alter world worship you like a god?? the journey is yours to decide! This time when you grind for currency in-game it won't be just for fun, it will be because you want to get paid!


Usually, games generally focus on those who pay for the expensive packs or in this case something like a server however you will not find that here as a player you will have the chance to complete quests, raid Disruptor ships for their treasuries & many many more ways to earn from your game time!

if you are a server owner though then you have so much potential & opportunity sitting in your lap, you will be able to create worlds, game modes, grow your crew & your alliance, make allies or make enemies the choice is yours! You have the opportunity to make the best game world you can for the gamers bringing your world to life, I for one plan to do some very cool things with mine!



You do not need to buy anything to play this, you just sign up, request access which they will give you instantly if you complete the instructions (Takes less than 2 minutes!) 


Like i say, initially, you don't have to spend money unless you want to buy some cool gear, ships, membership - My Ref Link so you can just complete the steps, download the alpha and jumped on a server! I do recommend playing starship raids and using server #151 (PathFinder)! Freeplay is great lets you learn the game however raids is fun and gives you objects, please remember this game is in alpha but personally i can not wait for this game to go into beta and then launch!! so much potential honestly, this is just 1 game they are releasing in this "game world" so plenty more to come!! 

Once there are enough players so say 20 members in the alliance, i will start the giveaways where we will all join the server and play!! whoever wins will win some cool AlterVerse NFTs and alike!!

If you own NFTs for Alterverse in your Enjin wallet, don't forget to link up your wallet when you load up the menu, just click the little Enjin symbol and then follow the instructions, here you can see the main game menu. 


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Official Game Website: 



Steam: (how you play the game)

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