😍 Treat Yourself to Some NFT Love for Valentine's Day 😍

😍 Treat Yourself to Some NFT Love for Valentine's Day 😍

Non-fungible Tokens Last Longer than Chocolate or Flowers

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there! Whether the holiday finds you professing your undying love for someone else, or spending some special time with yourself, there's no need for the festivities to stop there.


Here in my part of the world, it's still Feb. 14. Elsewhere, it's already tomorrow! And that puts us into deadline territory. Now, you may have seen this article about getting 40 free NFTs just for playing a videogame.

Or maybe you already know that Komodo Platform's lead blockchain developer has his own playable NFT.

If you already set yourself up for some future NFT love, excellent work! If not, I'm here to help you help yourself. Time is getting thin, and I wouldn't want anyone to miss out.

Secondary NFT markets—like the one RedFOX is building to accompany KOGS—continue to gain momentum. For example, Gods Unchained recently raised USD 15 million for its NFT-powered trading card game.

But unlike GU and all the rest, KOGS is the world's first genuine blockchain game. All of today's "blockchain" games operate just like conventional titles—processing game logic off-chain—before recording onto a blockchain. Not exactly the decentralization we're looking for!

One could say that current blockchain games are, in reality, hybrids pretending to be in a chain-state.

KOGS, on the other hand, operates 100% on-chain. All the logic and processing to determine the game's outcome takes place on a blockchain, in real-time. Although the haters say it can't be done, KOGS is breaking right through technological barriers to push the blockchain gaming industry forward.


Is the decision that difficult?

Remember, you only have until Feb. 15 to get yourself registered as an early game tester. KOGS is still in development, so it's not like you have to actually play the game by tomorrow. But if you're not yet in the first batch of testers, there's no time to lose. And all you have to do is sign up then check your email for a simple form to complete.

Click here to reserve your spot as a KOGS game tester!


KOGS is kicking it old-school

Before you forget, click on over before the game clock expires: https://kogs.gg/

I've said it before but I'll say it one last time... you have nothing to lose and 40 highly collectible NFTs to gain.

Happy gaming, everyone!



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Blockchain, Crypto, & AI
Blockchain, Crypto, & AI

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