Square Enix (Final Fantasy) invests in Ethereum game
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Square Enix (Final Fantasy) invests in Ethereum game

By SylarHeisenberg | blockchain-blog | 21 Mar 2020

The planned blockchain game The Sandbox has received a substantial financial injection. The Japanese AAA game maker Square Enix also participated in the financing round for the Ethereum-based game, which will use several token standards.

The investment round, which injected a total of 2.1 million US dollars into the coffers of game developer and publisher Animoca, took place in the third quarter of 2019. The proceeds will be used to further develop the Ethereum-based game The Sandbox. The fact that the result has only now been announced is due to disputes between Animoca and the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). The ASX had accused the company of several rule violations. On 10 March the ASX removed Animoca from the index. There was no question of mutual agreement:

Animoca Brands Corporation Limite wishes to announce that despite the ASX's thorough and detailed counter-argument, the company has been removed from the official list,

it was said on the part of Animocas.

Now that the ASX's favour no longer matters, Animoca no longer needs to conceal the investment. In the press release of 20 March, the Animoca board of directors is particularly pleased about the commitment of Square Enix:

Like several generations, we grew up with amazing games like Space Invaders, Final Fantasy and Arkanoid, so it is a special privilege and honour that the legendary game company Square Enix has invested in The Sandbox. Together with the investment from B Cryptos, we are now closer to bringing The Sandbox to the Japanese market,

comments Yat Siu, Co-Founder and Chairman at Animoca.

Second Life with Ethereum meets Minecraft

The Sandbox is a mixture of Minecraft and Second Life. The virtual world is divided into lots that can be purchased for crypto money. Different token types are used. A LAND token represents the smallest land unit that can be acquired. A LAND represents a virtual parcel of 96 m². LAND is based on the Ethereum token standard ERC-721, which enables the creation of unique digital items in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The best known application of the token standard is the Kitten Collection app CryptoKitties.

Players should not only be able to cultivate the land acquired with LAND at will. The Sandbox also offers the possibility to develop own games for their land. An editor also allows players to create their own objects. These can in turn be offered for sale on a marketplace as ASSET tokens. Unlike LAND, ASSET uses the Ethereum token standard ERC-1133, which was developed by Enjin especially for block chain gaming. It enables the creation of different tokens in a single Smart Contract. This allows ASSET token creators to make copies of their items, for example, unless they set the supply to 1, which is the ERC-721 standard.

Payment is to be made in the sandbox with SAND. This is an ERC-20 token, limited to three billion units and currently still in pre-sale. A part of the SAND tokens is reserved for investors. The Sandbox is scheduled for release in 2020.

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