Forsage: Get ETH also on Autopilot

Forsage Update and Payment proof

By SylarHeisenberg | blockchain-blog | 27 May 2020

I blogged earlier about Forsage, today i wanna post a little update about it and a payment proof.

Last week i was able to refer 2 new member in my team structure at forsage. The smart contract secured that the payments was credited directly into my Trust wallet. I'm happy to see that the system works very well, the ETH goes directly into my wallet in the same second the new member registered with our link. In addition to the automatic Team build from the x4 Matrix I created a Rotator Link and everyone who joined forsage by using this link will added into this Rotator. That means, as our team member you will take benefit from our advertising so it doesn't matter how active you refer people, with the time you will get member under you from the x4 System and also from our advertising. =) Here you have the opportunity to start your own forsage without doing any advertisement by yourself. Also i created a Telegramgroup where you can contact me directly and get in touch with the rest of the team. The link to that group take place below.

Updated 30.05.2020

What a great day! Gain over $60 from on single new member comes into our Teamstructure today and here is the proof:



I'm more than just happy to work with that forsage system. It works as promised and i'm pretty sure that it will have a great future.


If you have any questions you can contact us in our Telegram Group: 

Once again an explanation how the automatic system works



Join TeamSmartSuccess:



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