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EOS 三国 - EOS Dynasty

Crypto Gaming: EOS Dynasty

By SylarHeisenberg | blockchain-blog | 23 Apr 2020

This time in the spotlight: EOS Dynasty an idle RPG in the style of EOS Knights.

What is EOS Dynasty?

EOS Dynasty is a idle RPG for mobile phones. We can call it a remake of the famous cryptogame "EOS Knights". In fact, everything is taken from the original game, but with a different plot. Basically it belongs to the times of the Three Kingdoms now. They also improve the gameplay thanks to the new TKT token, which brings very interesting earning opportunities.


All actions are run on smart contract

Collecting materials
Collect five types of materials: natural, metal, bone, leather and gemstone. Material drop rate has a deflation mechanism, The sooner you participate, the higher the drop rate.

Forging equipment
Use materials to forge cool equipment's, and record your game assets on the blockchain.

Earning opportunity 
The game will issue Three Kingdoms Token(TKT) on EOS blockchain, Players can obtain multiple dividends such as materials and EOS by staking TKT.

Domesticated mounts
Players can enhance their strength by riding mounts. Mounts can go for adventures individually to get reward.

Battlefield PvP
First PvP system on the blockchain. A varies of heroes and skills provide players a lot of strategic choices.

Materials and Equipments can be traded on the market based on smart contract.

How to play EOS Dynasty

EOS Dynasty is fully on-chain that means we need a EOS Wallet to play it, and normally also a staked amount of EOS, but if you use the Wombat Wallet you can play it absolute for free thanks to the Wombat unlimited CPU service. On top Wombat users get a special gift about 2000 Tiger Rune wich you can Claim ingame in the "Gift Pack" menu.

Download the Wombat Wallet at:

Download the Game at:

Referral Bonus - additional 1000 Tiger Rune

In the Menu “Referral bonus” enter eosgames2o2o as your referrer and confirm, this will give you another 1000 Tiger Runes on the top.



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