XRP Open Challenge: Make me a convert with logic instead of bullying strategies

I posted this as a comment on another article and wanted to pose to all the XRP fans.

Original comment here.  The same questions are enumerated here.  

If Blockchain’s ultimate goal is to make current Banking/financial system redundant, how can a billion dollar project that solely is built to enable the legacy systems going to succeed?

If you support a project that goes against decentralization - are you truly pro blockchain?

They print/release 1 Billion XRP tokens a month, that’s 300 Million dollars for doing NOTHING…you know a lot of companies work really hard to bring real value, create employment in generating that kind of income and bring a lot of value to society. Please tell me how much value XRP/Ripple are creating for the REGULAR folks to justify producing 300 Millions a MONTH?

XRP is not decentralized, so why does it deserve the same respect as real blockchain companies?

How does XRP have any value when Ripple and its enabling technologies can work without it?

Why does XRP have any sustainable future if/when banks get on their own blockchain using bitcoin or other actual blockchain enablers (even, and although I hate it, Facebook’s Libra started pegging against USD and becomes globally acceptable)?

Make me a convert with sensible and logical arguments…not with your pre-convinced ideas!

Again, please do not just bash or use abusive language (which is XRP community's go-to strategy, in my opinion), just enlighten me…there were projects that made me a convert (ETH Classic | Cardano | etc., by sensible logical explanation) - can you or anyone from XRP community do that?

I am asking XRP community to please lay out answers to each of these questions from logic and 5 years out perspective. 

I do appreciate your time in clarifying these questions.


Everything in this article is an opinion. 

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