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Bitcoin News

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Any news/rumors on bitcoin and crypto will only do good 

LIMITED: Earn $50 EOS before they run out! [More assets are available as well]

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Coinbase is offering educational modules right on their platform and users get rewarded for watching these 2-3 minute videos and answering one simple questions based on the video. In about 10 minutes, I received $10 worth EOS.  That's not bad.   To e...

LIMITED: Earn $50 Stellar before they run out! [More assets are available as well]

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I just started watching these crypto lessons and in less than 15 minutes had $10 worth of Stellar.  You simply watch a 2 minute education video, answer a question and you are granted $2 worth of Stellar immediately.  There are 5 videos in total.  On...

IRS Cyber Crimes leaked training document on Bitcoin and Digital Currencies

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Page 3 of the leaked IRS training document titled “IRS Cyber Crimes, Virtual Currencies, by James Daniel” opens ceremoniously to state that virtual currencies are “money on the internet” that “does not have legal tender status in any jurisdiction”. T...

Hypocrisy of Governments becomes evident with libra

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No one from the Government agencies cared when Cambridge Analytica nor was any substantive actions taken when it became evident that Facebook was disclosing user data without appropriate permissions.   Why? Because - no one gives shit about people an...

Top 5 Long term Cryptocurrencies picks for 2019

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We at CryptoTapas have always strived to bring best quality material with no strings attached.  This Top 5 long term article is no different. You can check the whole article that goes into the use case, team and historical progress around the project...

SEC approves in-apps token based utility token

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SEC which has been seen to punish freeloaders who tried to use Howey test to circumvent SEC regulations, has approved a utility token called Props. Props anticipates to engage in-app attention of users and reward them for their time with Props tokens...

What is according to you an out of the box Blockchain use case?

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Crazy becomes the norm because of those who dare. So, for those among you who dare to vision, what crazy use case can you think of Blockchain? You cannot use any of these 10 use cases nor can you use something that already exists... I will go first:...

Crypto markets gravitation towards fake news is hurting, and it can be changed

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Crypto market has been a ripe ground for scammers to manipulate at will.   Crypto News space is particularly susceptible to news that promotes FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) or FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Both extremes when it comes to investing. The t...

Why news media is like Waze prompts when it comes to bitcoin?

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If you have ever used Waze navigation app, you know that it keeps prompting alerts about things that any driver with even few decent driving hours would not give a flying fun about! For example, waze will prompt about vehicles stopped on the shoulder...