Why BAT is a good Investment!

By alberdioni8406 | Barraca Crypto | 13 Aug 2020

All tokens have their value on the market and many offer better ROI in return but there aren't all of this assets that actually have a really usecase, that is one condiment to make it a good investment also assure that always will have a crescent demand.

I particular love assets that can give me a peace of mind about where to use them not just to sell or trade for other coins but a place where I can  be able to use them expanding my usecase to them, if the asset can be used to tip someone, to pay a subscription to reward my best authors with, definitely I will be making a great investment Holding them!

BAT is a good investment for many reasons but I will concentrate of just the ones who make it an awesome asset between the crypto space:

  • BAT can be used to pay content creators and publishers through tips by fans also users can earn the awesome asset for viewing no intrusive ads.
  • BAT is one of the few assets that have a really working product backing up the asset the Brave Browser.

BAT working product, the Brave is on constant evolution and gaining more followers on the planet, people who want to get protected online are using the focused in privacy and security navigation tool.

Obliviously not everyone sees the advantage to hodl BAT right now but if we think in long run the asset is a good investment and will be used to spread the word about Brave Browser which will also lead to adoption of the asset to benefit from the usecase that gives in the ecosystem, Holding BAT is important, doing this anyone make sure that his favourite content creator can be tipped also using the product (Brave Browser) anyone could earn passive income watching non intrusive ads.

Stay tuned for more Brave news and more and don't forget to download Brave Browser also subscribe form more. 

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