Understanding Publish0x and the high gas Fees on ETH network..

Publish0x will always remain a reliable and very trustable blogging platform, and despite some nonsense comments around one of the biggest social platform that are giving liquidity tokens to users as tipping coin when they publish or read quality articles on the site.

Recently the platform had to postpone users payment due to insane high fees on the Ethereum mainnet (which is completely comprehended, basically all tipping coins on the platform are ERC-20 such as BAT, Loopring and the main coin ETHEREUM) and that can put some users to start doubling about the platform.


Let me tell you this, I have been on the platform for a year and couple of months and never, never had problems with the platform, the team behind the platform work hard to deliver what users earn and many times had to pay from their own pockets to have the platform running smoothly. The Man behind this idea have paid more Cryptocurrency than anyone on blogging space and is a truly enthusiast, so you who are not comfortable with the platform I invite to look another place maybe those places can pay absurd fees to deliver user earnings.

I believe and I still here no matter what (if you look only for the earning site of the platform, sorry you aren't the right place better look in faucets or find a job that pay in Crypto) here are enthusiasts and crypto content creators to support always Publish0x.


Take care and don't forget that Publish0x runs better when you use Brave Browser subscribe for more news.

**P.S: the post is intended to those who keep asking "when payments" even seeing the notification on the users dashboard, don't worry we are in good ends!

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Cryptocurrency| DeFi| Brave Browser | Blockchain.

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