Top 10 countries with Brave Ads active campaigns.

When it comes to Brave Browser rewards program it's common to see related articles on the Brave community asking about ads not showing in their surfing personal browser tool, which took me to research a bit more about on the web to joint together data about Brave ads campaigns by country.

I found a site which dedicated themselves to follow Brave and BAT token stats online, with that helping BAT lovers to stay updated about latest Intel concerning Brave environment.


On this website there are compelled data from:

  • Brave browser stats
  • Content creator stats
  • Brave users worldwide
  • Latest BAT purchases by Brave Team and many more Data

Today I will just present the top 10 countries Brave ads active campaigns (which don't represent the whole basket of countries with brave ads campaigns, but the ones who have the top campaigns showing in users dashboard in those nations) and this are the countries:

Those above countries are the Brave ads most active countries on the top 10 list, meaning that the Brave users located on those regions receive more ads on their dashboard surfing tool than in other parts of the globe, but also doesn't mean that they are the only ones receiving them.

Brave rewards program is a global program only differ in the quantity of Ads received by each of the countries included in the program.


**P.s: the website isn't official Brave Team website, it's a fan site which plenty of data concerning the Brave ecosystem.

I hope you enjoyed the reading, take care!

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All that comes from Brave Browser community it really amazes me, takes me to research more and get more knowledge about Brave Browser and their native token BAT, which have a large group of people following the project on web space, people who really support the blockchain surfing tool browser and the asset behind it.

But not everyone knows about this communities spreaded all over Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Telegram and many more places around web crypto space and I will put them below, and if you love the Brave community surely will follow them:

Those communities mentioned above could be found the most engaged people who support the project and earn also rewards from participating in the Brave rewards programs neither watching non intrusive ads or being a Brave Publisher to earn passive income bringing more people to the Brave ecosystem.

Hope you enjoy the reading also join and follow the Brave Browser and BAT project, if you still out of Brave don't hesitate to join and download the surfing tool to earn passive income.

Stay tuned for more.

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