Publish0x recent Updates: Monthly payments, ETH, BAT and Loopring continue as a tipping coin.

The Publish0x Team made a small update about the recent crisis on the Ethereum network, where fees are unstable and delaying payments, which led the staff to looke for sustainable ways to keep the platform running smoothly and keep paying the most valuable assets on the crypto space with a large potential in future.

So, to maintain that status as one of the most prominent blogging platforms around Crypto and paying on time, the Team had decided that payments will be made once per Month, no alternation on the minimum threshold, continue $1 for each tipping coin (Ethereum, BAT and Loopring) and the best of all the staff will continue to use ETH, BAT and LRC as tipping coin.


I believe that the recent updates a good for the well been on the site, and to keep the high trust users like me and others, deposit on the platform, unfortunately to coin "chasers" won't sounds good to be paid once a week but in all scenarios the Team behind Publish0x is serious and always do what they say!

The payouts will be issued in the first Monday of each week, and the next Batch of payments will be issued on October 5, 2020 but bear in mind that if the gas fees still high the Team could delay it and pay when the fees a stable, but one thing is sure: payments from now on issued on the first Monday of the month!

I am particular amazed that I will continue to keep my portfolio filled with BAT and ETH which are two of my best coins and also I see this move by the Team a great one. They bet in assets that have future and this tipping coins surely have.


Take care guys and don't forget to download Brave Browser also secure your account to earn some Bitcoin Cash BCH for your articles, subscribe for more updates.

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