How to verify your Uphold account to withdraw your BAT earnings.

Well, it's known that Uphold (and Gemini) are the BAT custodian, they are in charge to deliver the assets users earn, neiter watching non intrusive ads or the ones received by Tips and referring people to join the Brave Browser ecosystem.

I particularly don't view that KYC thing with good eyes, as BAT are decentralized assets doesn't feel right to use a centralised services to be able to withdraw funds from after passing for a "know your customer" proof but rules are rules, and is better to stick with them or lose the hard earned BAT tokens.

So how to verify your Uphold account?

The coolest thing is that Uphold don't need an exhausted KYC verification, but needs to provide a national ID (identity card, passport, drivers license or any Government issued card) and a residential address and all the process is fast and could take no more than 24 hours.

To verify it properly without missing any step the user need just to follow the directives:

  • Login to your Uphold account or create one here and click start
  • Enter you current residential address
  • Take a clear and high quality photography of your ID (which could be Identity card, passport, drivers license) and must be with valid in up to 3 month and above
  • You need also to take a selfie of your total face with no blur on that.

For U.S residents would need to provide social security number for tax purposes.

As mentioned above the verification process don't take long (can take if the provided documents don't meet the required info) but in general take less than 24 hours, at least mine took that, and the user won't be asked to verify the brave rewards account without the minimum threshold to cashout on Uphold.

It's also necessary to check the accepted countries who are allowed to verify their Uphold account (the custodian service allow almost all countries) but there are nations who aren't accepted to verify their accounts due to American securities Law such as:

Cuba, Central African Republic, Libya, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan and Syria.

I hope you find this info useful and helpful to your intents.

Have a great day and continue with Brave Browser.

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