How to organize your crypto portfolio.

An organized man worth double, the ones who don't organize their life and portfolio (traditional finances and crypto assets) won't last long and will always live in the limit, broke and changing from job to job.

To build wealthy isn't easy and take time, years of business which take patience and efforts. Many of us a earning Cryptocurrency online but few or almost none are saving this for the future or organizing their Crypto Portfolio, putting all the eggs on same wallet isn't good and diversify is the best method.

The thing is: how people organize the crypto on the portfolio!

Let's see some examples that can be very beneficial in how to put financial assets into portfolio, I particular love Crypto and my vault is filled with almost 49% of it; spreaded in different assets such as BTC, BCH, ETH, a promissory bunch of ERC-20 token (along them BAT the native asset of Brave Browser..) also some SLP tokens, 31% composed by FIAT; Crypto can still the majority of my assets but I still need physical money in my locality to purchase goods and pay immediate bills; 10% I hold some assets in Gold which am secure it since 2015 bought it on Goldmoney/BitGold and the last 10% I hodl in stocks that thankful to Uphold I could buy some for future necessities.

Of course that is just a small example of what a portfolio could be filled but it's necessary to a big track my them monthly using a spreadsheet or various trackers on the market such as the ones found online (I won't suggest any but there are plenty portfolio organizers on the web) and is crucial to monitor all income well also the wasting and spends to be able to see the profits.

Many just go online and earn some coins, at the same speed their earn is the same one they spent, nothing left to bad days, or emergency moments. In the portfolio is necessary to divide it in long, mid and short term run assets also have Emergency, entertainment and savings funds.

My portfolio is filled with all of that, and after reading books of Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad poor Dad, Samuel L.Jackson The Richest Man of Babylon, T.Harv Eker or Brian Tracy I recommend anyone to have and organize their finances and have a portfolio.

I hope you enjoyed the reading and be sure to build and organize the Portfolio.

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