How to get rid of Telegram scammers.

Bad actors are always trying to secure their part into the world of Crypto and always improving in their skills of acting to find more victims to their schemes and for unnoticed people they are successfully with their intents, so its needed a double attention when interacting with them specially in private chats.

Who don't ever got contacted by someone claiming to be an admin, specialist in forex of something like that in Telegram?! I believe that many of us who have Telegram definitely get in touch with this scammers!

So, anyone need to lookout and learn few tricks before block them or conduct any chat with them that could end in the user get scammed and becomes victims in this many schemes occurring in Telegram and it's important to:

  • Never give any private data to anyone in Telegram (no matter who never give them nothing related to your wallet private keys of Identity details)

  • Never accept invitations to download files of click links that are sent to your inbox by people who claim are staff personal of a business you have account with, downloading those files you could be downloading virus or program that could Steal your crypto

  • When you participate in a affiliate program or credible business, get the more info possible about the staff members (many scammers copy usernames from people with similarities but are different) knowing their usernames you could protect from being deceived

  • Always make research and never ever believe in business that claim to make you rich in just 24 hours or in a couple of days

  • Stay alert.

It's important to always learn to evolve in Crypto space, read a lot about tricks used by scammers. They are always improving their skills to look even legit, but at the end they just want your money and would do everything to have it, stay alert always.

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