COVID-19 helped on the rise of Brave Users on the planet.

Pandemic times are hard, specially the ones who put people in quarantine, locked in their own houses to contain the propagation of virus who transmit the COVID-19 disease, people get to learn a new life in this circumstances and working from home was inevitable.

The world still on fear and have change habits and way of living, with people need to dig new ways of income to support and pay bills without leaving their domain, the Houses.


One of the products who surely get expanded to more knowledge of users was Brave Browser. Brave was still incognito for many people despite being on market for almost 3 years most people outside the Blockchain Industry was aware about this surfing tool with a rewards program (which worked as a incentive to use the tool) and since then the userbase of Brave have been increasing monthly. The necessity of a form of income led many users around the world to start looking for alternatives of income which pay in Crypto and of course attach that with the use of Brave.

Why Brave in COVID-19 times.

Well, its quite easy to understand this, Brave Browser isn't just a regular browser is a Tool which give value to o users, which don't treat users as products but have a ideology that paying users to watch non intrusive ads in a complete secure environment where no data from users will be stolen and sold to third parties (who will inundate users with annoying ads without giving them a dime, with companies making millions of dollars from them) with this behaviour Brave Team share wealthy between users from all the planet.

Paying users to watch non intrusive ads and for supporting their favourites bloggers, content creators or even store all the earnings in self benefit, Brave is conquering new users and COVID-19 period increased a lot that usage of the Blockchain product, users prefer to use products that pays them and help in part to pay bills, browsing website that pay in Crypto industry with Brave such as Publish0x, Uptrennd or is more profitable.


Users in Lockdown due to COVID-19 can browse this websites with pay in Crypto neither reading or producing content with Brave Browser, with that earn from the surfing tool BAT tokens (the Brave's native token) watching non intrusive ads, reading and publishing on blogging platforms, grab some coins, which at end of the day can sum a good amount to pay some bills working from home.

I strong believe that COVID-19 was somehow a catalyst to Brave, with now have more than 16.5M monthly active users and growing day by day, which Africans being a small consistent part on this growth (I presented almost 400 users to Brave ecosystem) and will continue showing the advantage to be a Brave user!

Stay tuned for more Cryptocurrency & Blockchain news, if you still outside Brave ecosystem time to join, download Brave Browser to earn BAT tokens watching non intrusive ads, subscribe for more updates.

Take care and have a great Friday.

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