Brave Team buyback more than 1M BAT tokens.

The Brave Browser team have bought back more than 1M BAT tokens back just in the month of August, value worth in more than $340,000 and those tokens will be used to give back the community to continue watching non intrusive ads particating in Brave rewards program also to pay Brave creators who bring more users to join the Brave ecosystem.

That's huge amount that the Team have bought back, and prove the compromise they have to change the way people deal with advertisements online.


Advertisement companies are looking more for Brave environment and are paying to have their ads published on the blockchain browser, which led the team behind the tool to buy tokens back to continue promoting non intrusive ads, paying users to watch them and keeping a portion of that value to development and to improve more the program.

The advertisement system used by Brave is unique on the market, with contains a great incentive to the brave users who receive BAT tokens to watch those ads and get paid, the companies promoting their campaigns on Brave get it displayed (of course respecting the policy of non intrusion ads where users choose to watch them and are not mandatory) and are efficient watched by users. The campaign is successfully, the user earn a portion of the revenue paid by this firms also the Team behind brave got is "slice" and everyone is happy.

Buying Back the tokens from the market also ensure that the price of the asset keep seeing a good movement on market as that amount used to purchase then back represent a big portion of a slice that will be maintained stored only released to pay users and content creators.


The Brave Browser have more than 16 million monthly active users (MAU) that use and promote the surfing tool around the world, and the number just keep going! If you still outside the Brave ecosystem download it here and benefit from those gems on your portfolio.

Take care.

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