Brave Publisher, the real deal.

Brave Publisher, the real deal.

Brave Browser isn't just a popular Blockchain surfing tool with focus in privacy and securing when browsing online but also a great way to monetise your social accounts and make money from that!

Many users of Brave Browser are not benefiting even 50% of the really advantages of using the surfing tool, the Brave Browser protect and save money in Data spent online, block annoying intrusive ads and offer a great reward program but the real deal is to become a Brave Publisher!

Anyone can be a Brave Publisher as long have:

  • Own website
  • A twitter account
  • Vimeeo account 
  • Github account
  • YouTube account
  • Twitch account

To be able to become a Brave Publisher and earn passive income, first need to download the Browser (if you still haven't) then signup to the creators account. The steps are very easy to follow and after registering and verified the email, the brave creator will be invited to verify one of his elected accounts which will be used to invite more people to join the Brave ecosystem and also get tipped on that site for your loyal fans.

The process to verify the account (YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Github...) Just take 24 hours after that you can start sharing your invite link and publish it across internet. For each successfully download and install that stay with Brave for more than 30 days you get paid directly in your creators account.

To receive those assets in BAT tokens need to reach the threshold of 5 BAT and the amount will be sent directly to Uphold account.

You noticed that I mentioned Uphold which is a Brave Custodian and each creators account will be linked to it, unfortunately you need to verify your Uphold account in order to withdraw your earnings (I particular don't like that order of ideas to connect a decentralized tool with a centralised account but if you need those BAT you need to verify), the process is very fast and easy. 

With everything on top (creators account connected to Uphold) you just need to continue your share and earnings will come automatically.

After all verifications your link will be like this:

And will substitute your social account of own domain to receive tips and invite more friends, enemies, and anyone who want to join Brave ecosystem.

Make passive income with Brave increasing your BAT portfolio also monetise your social accounts.

Stay tuned for more Cryptocurrency & Blockchain news, don't forget to download Brave Browser to earn passive income or watching non intrusive ads, subscribe for more.

Have a wonderful day!


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Cryptocurrency| DeFi| Brave Browser | Blockchain.
Cryptocurrency| DeFi| Brave Browser | Blockchain.

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