Bitcars and Bitdials: luxury cars and watches boutique only purchased by Bitcoin.

Bitcars and Bitdials: luxury cars and watches boutique only purchased by Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the currency of the internet and day by day it's becoming more powerful than ever, with plenty of people using it to buy awesome goods worldwide and yesterday I just published places to spend Bitcoin also pay University tuition.

But Bitcoin isnt just spendable on those websites also can be upgraded "used by whales" to purchase some high quality products such Luxury cars and watches, specially Rolex and  bracelets made by pure gold, Bitcars is dedicated to sell cars, not just simple ones, but Bentley's, Rolly Royce, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz and many more with worldwide shipping.

Bitcars is a world class website with support (as they claim on their website) from Binance, with media partners such Cointelegraph, Steemit and many more on the crypto media.

Bitdials is a sucursal from Bitcars, which is dedicated to other kind of luxury products purchased only by Bitcoin such Rolex watches, gold bracelets, diamonds necklaces and high top goods.


This websites aren't affordable to the majority of  enthusiasts as the range for acquisition on their platform can be estimated from 20 BTC to 200 BTC but somehow give liquidity to the Bitcoin market and expand more the usecase of the asset.

I hope you enjoyed known more about where to spend Bitcoin (BTC) online, don't forget to watch my previous articles about spending BTC on the Web.

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