BAT token is pumping and why isn't a surprise!

BAT token is pumping and why isn't a surprise!

I am a BAT fan and for the ones who actually read my Articles have seen that, and I am just a regular fan but also a believer on the ecosystem behind  BAT, the Brave Browser.

Recently the asset value is seeing an ascending move confirming the good moment it have on market, that can be justified by the imminent Bull run on the crypto space which I believe isn't the really "moto" behind that good performance of BAT. 

Why I believe in that?!

BAT token is an Ethereum based asset built as native fuel of the Brave Ecosystem, used to Tip content creators and to reward users who watch non intrusive ads in the surfing tool dashboard. BAT is the native token of a working product on market, the Brave Browser, with years (almost 3 now) on market conquering loyal fans all over the world and that's not all!

The native token from Brave is one of the chosen ones to be part of the decentralized finances (DeFi) used in the MakerDAO protocol (the biggest lending smart contract platform with more than $1B in total value locked) as collateral to generate DAI stablecoin.

Together with Ethereum (ETH) becomes the collateral asset on DeFi MakerDAO protocols making BAT an hybrid asset used with many usecases than other tokens on the Crypto sphere.

The DeFi world is growing in unprecedent scale and that push assets like BAT than can be used to put on hold and have stablecoin without need to sell the holdings in BAT, increasing the volume transactions with investors running to secure it, the demand increment will skyrocket the price.

I believe in that also with other many positive aspects about BAT, it's not an ordinary token but a highly usecase one that for me is undervalued. Even the actual price don't reflect the truth about all the potential about Brave's native token but time will show that and the Holders will benefit from it in long run period!

And that's why I believe that pumping isn't a surprise.

Take care, and have a wonderful Friday and a good weekend.

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Cryptocurrency| DeFi| Brave Browser | Blockchain.
Cryptocurrency| DeFi| Brave Browser | Blockchain.

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