How Much Would You Make By Investing Just $100 in ETH, EOS & TRX at ICO Prices

How Much Would You Make By Investing Just $100 in ETH, EOS & TRX at ICO Prices

By Li_KungFu | BitGuy | 23 Jul 2019

This week I was trying to explain to my sister how much money she would have made if she had invested in some of the cryptocurrency ICOs back in the ICO Mania period. Some of the results for the coins I had suggested were pretty staggering to see that they have not increased nearly as much as I would have imagined and yet some of them were very fascinating.

After doing this research, I decided to create this fun post to share my findings with the Publish0x community and I hope you guys do like it :D


So in this post, I will analyze how much money you would have made today by putting $100 in the ICOs for Ethereum, EOS and Tron. That is $100 each so $300 in total. 


Let us start with Ethereum, that has perhaps the most promising rate of return. The Ethereum ICO was conducted at some point during June/August 2014 in which the ICO raised over $16 million, a very large sum at the time. The ICO price for Ethereum was around $0.31 per ETH. With the current price taken as being around $213, you would have increased your investment in the Ethereum ICO by a total of X685. This means that if you invested $100 in the Ethereum ICO you would have made over $68,500.


The next coin on the list was Tron, which had conducted its ICO during August/September 2017. The ICO raised over $70 million in which each TRX was sold at an ICO price of $0.00186. The price today for each TRX token is around $0.0241, this means that buying TRX at the ICO would result in a X12.95 increase. If you would have invested $100 in TRX at the ICO you would have $1,295 today, still a great return!


The last coin on this list is EOS. The EOS ICO was conducted on June 26 2017, in which the ICO managed to raise a total of $197 million on that one single day. EOS went on to raise a total of $4 billion during their entire token sale. The initial EOS ICO price was around $0.99 per EOS, with EOS being around $4.18 today this means you would have X4.24 your EOS investment from the ICO which would result in $424 from a $100 investment - not great returns in the cryptocurrency sense.

So adding all these three results together, you will have made a total of $70,219 from the initial $300 investment. We have to bear in mind that the majority of these returns comes from Ethereum alone.



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