3 coins just like XRP (ripple) that you need to watch out
3 coins just like XRP (ripple) that you need to watch out

By BitcoinTrader101 | BitcoinTrader101 | 29 Jun 2019

3 COIN That has the potential just like to XRP (Ripple)   nano1.png        

Launched to transform the international payments industry, XRP (Ripple) offers fast value transfers ,centralized global private network and it's a token created for banking entities. From E-Safe, as great defenders of decentralization,             we show you 3 alternatives that can compete directly on features with XRP (Ripple), with the difference that these 3 are totally decentralized.        


Programmer Jed McCaleb worked for Ripple, but he decided to leave the Ripple team because he did'nt agree with the project direction and this differences were the premonition to create his own project, Stellar. Lumen (Stellar) is a token very similar to Ripple, creating low-cost and fast international transfers. Lumen (Stellar) offers very similar characteristics as XRP (Ripple), allowing cross-border payments that take between 2 and 5 seconds, with extremely low fees. One of the basic differences is that it includes a completely decentralized Exchanger platform.   The basic differences of the project lie in the fact that XRP (Ripple) is a token created for banks and financial institutions, and Lumen (Stellar) focuses on providing low-cost financial services for people working in the world of development. It remains to be seen which of the two projects will be more successful.       

OmniseGO (OMG)         

With the mission of "unbanking the bank", OmiseGO offers a peer-to-peer platform where users can exchange fiat and Cryptocurrencies quickly and safely. Based on Ethereum, OmiseGO is developing an independent decentralized exchange network of currencies capable of interacting with different Block-chains (for example, bitcoin or Litecoin) through information exchange centers on state channels or smart contracts, as well as with fiat digital platforms through the use of collateralize fiat tokens.    OmiseGO also offers a free e-wallet software development kit and allows digital wallet providers to connect to the OMG public network so that their users can make transactions on any digital asset.    The ultimate goal is to overcome the difficulties of coordination between payment processors, gateways and financial institutions, by providing a value transfer service that operates through currencies, types of assets and national borders. While OmiseGO focuses on the Southeast Asian market, its network is designed to allow anyone to conduct peer-to-peer financial transactions in real time, ranging from payments and remittances to B2B commerce and supply chain finance.    If you are looking for a Cryptocurrency with similarities to Ripple, it's worth seeing it more closely.   


Elder brother Nano (NANO) Our third alternative to Ripple is a little it  different. Unlike Ripple that  is focused on banks and major financial institutions, Nano (XRB) is purely designed as a peer-to-peer digital currency. Originally known as RaiBlocks, Nano offers instant transactions at no cost and it's designed to be infinitely scalable. Launched in 2017, this cryptographic innovator combines Block-chain with directed a cyclic graphic technology (DAG) in a unique "block lattice" infrastructure. DAG systems see individual transactions directly linked to each other, offering improved scalability compared to Blockchain-based systems. In summary, Nano is a payment currency and nothing else. It aims to become a viable alternative to the fiduciary currency for daily transactions, offering fast and cheap peer-to-peer payments around the world. This means that it's developed with a quite different approach to XRP and can not boast of anything like the level of financial support or the impressive range of corporate partnerships that Ripple can. However, the characteristics of Nano make it a viable option for individuals and merchants, so it's a currency that is worth observing closely in the coming months.



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