The Politics of Crypto in Coming Weeks, Months, Years and Why It Matters

The Politics of Crypto in Coming Weeks, Months, Years and Why It Matters

By BitcoinGordon | BitcoinGordon | 13 Jan 2021

Gordon likes a good story. The history of Bitcoin with the revered and mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, the era of Vitalik, the split from Ethereum Classic, the Bitcoin Cash wars, and of course Dogeeeee! Recently, XRP has become a central player in a very important saga in crypto. But, very few are seeing the big picture.

Often times, even a small fry like myself can place something into the greater consciousness of the community that eventually gets spread. When something appears to be increasingly true, more people like to take credit for their clever stance and it spreads from there. The hubris of man and his prideful nature is the desire to take credit, even where it is not due. In this case, Gordon goes ahead and has a little fun with the fact that it can be lonely out there, trying to be heard, sometimes more effectively than others. This piece is for everyone's general knowledge and consumption. Agree, disagree, it's all fair game. My job is to present it to you with the hopes you find it beneficial to one degree or another.

Some actually debate the way it went down, but in 1913, after a GREAT deal of planning, and a strong, undeniable measure of secretive deception, the Federal Reserve Act and Central Banking scheme were entered into effect. It took place over the 22-23 of December when it was known that opposition would be both unaware and unavailable, and largely the rest wouldn't care to be bothered. As we know today, it has had an enormous impact on the buying, selling, lending and leveraging power of wealthy individuals and their lineage. The modern banking industry has become more powerful than entire countries as a result of the modern structure of U.S. fiat, and the model has been repeated around the world. Among the chief architects behind the removal of the gold standard and also the Euro for the European Union died last year, but his impact lives on. I'm not interested in naming their name, because in some circles it's okay, and others it is not. That is not central to this story, but good for your general understanding.

The world at large still has no clue what a cryptocurrency is. I would say 3 out of 10 likely have heard of Bitcoin and still think it is one step away from overpriced Monopoly money. They think everyone pining over getting a piece of the action is still uneducated and lost in whimsy over imaginary money.

But, the year was 2020, and much of the world realized that we were one global crisis away from begging for a UBI, universal basic income. This is where I lose a large number of you, but I believe that the foundational economics say it is a bad bad bad bad bad idea. It sounds like mercy, but it comes at the hands of the very bankers, central banks, and governments of whom you crypto-folks claim you mistrust. Investing your covid money into crypto is not a revolution against the dollar. What's more, brrrrrr goes the money maker and poking proper discontent for the devaluing nature of printing excess to make up for an actual gameplan can be equally justified while begging for free money as a base. It does not work, nor is it designed to work. It requires such an investment in government assists, that it guarantees the average earner will never be able to rise to greater economic freedom. This story is about wanting every fellow citizen to have a chance, a true free shot at improving their wealth, so if you do disagree, do so over basic economics, and not over political squibble. Different views are welcomed, if not agreed.

Here's where things get interesting. No one that I know of, other than Gordon, is discussing that the very same thing as 1913 has occurred once again, and this time it has even more serious implications. The banks and bankers are seeking to overtake their portion of the real digital gold mines, and our government just pulled an incredibly clever maneuver to make it happen.

You've probably followed for at least the past 2 years, as I have, the move towards less freedom and anonymity in crypto, with the global U.N. rules on KYC/AML putting pressure on exchanges, even DEX, yes even DEX, to require full dox on users, from facial recognition to social security numbers and proof of bills paid at their given address etc. Under the guise of going after illegal activity and money laundering, we are all losing the ability to enjoy the liberty of crypto. But, we continue to see the value in it so we roll with the punches as they come.

Here's what you need to add to that knowledgebase. From December 22-24, 2020, several important separate events began to roll-out. First, most everyone knows about the SEC lawsuit against Ripple and their CEO's. This is after previously recognizing XRP as a currency, which I still believe is a misclassification, and now saying it is not, but rather a security, because of its initial offering to investors without registering as such. It will go one way or the other. We shall see.

But, we also have the Office of the Comptroller of Currency, the FATF and FinCEN. All of them working together, have done something incredibly important, re: 1913. As they go after XRP for security fraud, they have also decided to go after stablecoins as securities, which is a different monster all together. The largest volume traded in and out of top cryptocurrencies is Tether USDT, followed in variant order by USDC, TUSD, Pax and others. These numbers will increase. The goal, the idea, is to provide the instant and liquid transfer from crypto to crypto, without making the crossover to fiat until one desires to get funds or profits back into their bank accounts. Stablecoins serve the same purpose inside the crypto world, as the trading back and forth to the actual fiat, and there are true problems with this concept, because liquidity is created by volume, which comes from buying and selling. The mystery of value comes from the transacting, not just circulation. No one in economics can really dispute this. They can dispute the legitimacy of volume, and whether it is relative to the real value; that is an actual debatable point.

So, XRP has served the purpose to serve banks and money transfer, to make it cheaper and faster, and to resolve complex issues cross-border and the like. Banks like it largely because it reduces manpower, headaches and cost, and they gladly pocket a lot of the difference. Oh, yes yes they do. But, there is a plan, following Covid, that has been in the works since 1992, centralized by the U.N. and we now have our catalyst to make it happen. XRP may have been a barrier to this plan. It makes logical sense considering the timing of events while no one could do anything about them, over the holidays of 2020. Placing stablecoins in the cross-hairs while changing the classification of both XRP, already in place doing biz with the banks, and these stablecoins, which play the dollar's role, along with any other fiat that is transacting on exchanges, many traders and investors are not aware at the potential havoc this could create if it causes a scare for Tether and the others. But, we're not done yet. Add to this, over the same 3 days, that the U.S. financial agencies decided to grant banks the proper connectivity to blockchains, to play a central role in transacting over blockchain nodes either for popular coins, or those yet to be issued. This now paints a very clear issue, but I have to fill you in on one more piece of the puzzle. The U.S. agencies officially permit banks to participate in existing nodes, and to create their own.

Klaus Schwab has written a book, or should I say re-written a book, about the Great Reset. This is repackaged Agenda 21, based upon the research and easy-to-find books from the Club of Rome on the matter, then repackaged as 2030 Agenda, and one can do their own research on the website for the World Economic Forum or WEF.  The WEF and global governments call for a Great Reset brought about by the pandemic. This will grant us the switch from fiat, to nationalized digital currencies, transacted and issued via central banks, known as CBDC's, or central bank digital currencies.

I would imagine that more than 20% of the crypto world has heard of some or all of these things separately. But, put them together, and the government has very clearly decided upon a path to:

eliminate competition from the current, free-market-ish crypto world with DEX and CEX exchanges

remove privacy and anonymity so that every digital transaction can be tracked from the customer to any account to any purchase, giving governments enormous power of surveillance of its citizen's spending habits, which will come under the safety and security to protect us all, and many will believe it a good thing.

to challenge standing stablecoins so that once again, bankers and central banks will have control and power over the flow, liquidity, and interest rates of officially recognized digital currencies

to replace the value of the current market with nationalized coins we are allowed to use, while permitting also the most important cryptocurrencies already heavily invested in by the same bankers and banks.

The control of freedom, privacy, and decentralized nature of cryptocurrency is about to get a complete overhaul, and it will come in the form of a currency war with China. Others will weigh in, but now for the boom. It matters what the political nature is in process. The aspirations from one administration to the next, is global politics, how one government works with others. If we play nice with enemies of freedom, we are going to have a terrible problem. If we are firm in our position, including the EU, U.S., NATO countries and handfuls of others, we can hold China at bay for a little while. But, there is no question a process of consolidation is taking place. I have assessed the markets and I believe no matter what, we are in the consolidation stage towards global governance, and IoT technology in the private sector will become governmental-ized and militarized, but will largely control the flow of a new economy that can easily be manipulated against enemies of state. We already have China sesame credit, tying ones beliefs and thoughts to their ability to transact, and this past week has proven that America's freedom to speak their mind without censorship is a farce of the past. Amazing how few people understand the importance of this and how wrong it is.

I do believe the silver lining is that Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (ugh), Litecoin and Ethereum will be given a pass. All other coins are a question mark. I personally wish for the majority of the market to survive and to thrive, but it is not a guarantee. Anything that meets the security-coin-cross-hairs can likely get segregated out from the rest of the herd, and privacy coins are in deep trouble no matter what you believe can be resolved from DEX and VPN. That is easy peasy parchese to overcome.

So, I expect to see, in coming years, regulatory certainty of which closes many of the freedoms we enjoy, while paving the way for only officially recognized national digital fiat, in essence, controlled by the same banks that have ridiculed crypto all of these years while secretly setting up their patents, and lets not mention the human-element of syncing biometrics to money and mining. This will eventually group towards several super-regions, likely consolidating down to 10 as written by the Club of Rome, advised by that global economist who died last year, and now illustrated in full by the WEF Great Reset. Those country-like entities, will each have their own unique digital currencies and central bank issuance, and the value of cash will diminish. As this impacts the value of those national stablecoins, it will lead to the same need the EU saw fit, and a highly regulated single global currency, a credit-based UBI system, will be issued. At that point, one digital currency will dominate markets with the selling point that it remains stable in its buying power without any formal backing asset. I believe Bitcoin and the other tops will remain for a large part of this transition, but as individuals below a certain value point find their wealth in these markets, the stranglehold of independent wealth will be upon them, and there will be a multi-year devaluation of assets, bringing the reality of the need for a Great Reset into fruition. The dialectical materialism defined by Karl Marx will be the result of a lowering down to an average, as it is all designed.

As I leave this article here as long as free speech continues to be a thing, it will be interesting to see how it ages, if still here in 5 years. Let us see.

Gordon is not afraid of being wrong.

He is more afraid of being right.

Either way, get that coin and become independently wealthy and enjoy the ride, and lets hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

On that note, Crypto Gordon Freeman out.


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