Crypto and the Russia Question: Gordon Encourages Thought

By BitcoinGordon | BitcoinGordon | 27 Feb 2022

Here we are in a very important, pivotal time in crypto history.

Bitcoin is still the big player on the global stage, and that doesn't mean it is better, worse, or different if you are offended your favorite coin isn't the one the governments of the world are currently focusing on.

I pay attention to politics not because I like it, but because it is the largest existential threat to everything I care about. It is a den of vipers and thieves given the power to inflict policy, law, and horribly manipulated data upon the world. If you enjoy the idea of rogue, well-paid government agent thugs hiding behind causes, terrorizing your streets when they don't get their way, then you probably are a fan of politicians and didn't know it.

The land of crypto is going to be one of the most highly manipulated sectors of any industry ever. More than the industrial military complex, more than food and water, the global governance system wants control of the flow of money.

Putin plays 3D chess and no longer has someone sitting on the other side. This matters a great deal.

Several weeks back, the Russian central bank leadership proposed a ban on crypto, mining, and transacting, but not on ownership. I announced that the following Wednesday the decision would be reversed. I was off by one day.

Putin offered to submit a proposal, that has taken a few turns now, but has landed as legalizing all forms of crypto, placing it tightly wrapped in legislation, where it is treated as a highly taxable account that can only be opened and maintained by the Russian central bank, and people can only buy crypto after passing a competency test.

The last part is something that some European markets have had for stocks for a while, and this allows anyone who passes a test to have free access to trade stocks are their heart's content. In the U.S., you are essentially allowed one complete trade/week, and if you do more, you have to keep a balance of $20,000 in your account, and that is absolute lunacy. But, on the flip side, we have private banks, community banks, and investment banks that all interact with the central banks, but are allowed to act as intermediary to the customer, and that is a good thing.

Our government is trying to eliminate that system in preparation for the coming digital dollar, and you and I better both know it is bad news.

So, Putin is setting the stage, and you need to be aware. He is about to paint us all in the exact light that our crap government agencies are attempting. Russia, Putin, are the bad guys right now in the script. The truckers and their supporters are the bad guys in the script. Political opposition- all bad players in their script.

If you like the freedom to make choices; you are rogue. If you support free choices in good or bad crypto projects, you want the wild wild west. If you have benefited from DAI, TUSD, USDT, USDC, PAX, you are encouraging wacky runaway banking. If you like Bitcoin, you are a Russian/Putin sympathizer.

It is coming, and the world listens to mass media, whether we like it or not. It's time to realize there is corruption on all political sides, but there is still a divide between right and wrong, and the left is increasingly pro-totalitarianism, whether that is where you began with it. The narrative against the alt-right is complete and total crap. The narrative against conservativism is total, utter crap. What IS true, and the left is absolutely right about, is a rogue element, with very deep roots, called dominionism. That movement is something that I educate godly people about on a regular basis, because it is much like how Putin plays his politics: infiltration. Subversion is the most incredibly difficult evil to rid in one's own camp. 

If they look like you, talk like you, shake hands with you, and are at your events, you have no way to realize they are plants, and it happens in religious circles and in political circles. The threat is real, and it paints the actual, real grass-roots efforts in a bad light.

Most people will never know about, or care to learn about dominionism. It's okay, for now it isn't the main topic.

Putin is all about acquiring territory and wealth, amassing power for himself, looking down his nose at everyone who isn't the Motherland. He envisions a strong return to USSR. This coming generation has been lied to about so many narratives, and those more free of thought, have been steered into another camp of half-truths for the right reasons. The truth is that the cold war was, and is, a very real threat. Not knowing your history, does not change how history went down.

Learn about the history of NATO. How did we get the United Nations to begin with? How did, in the name of anti-nazism, we have 3 separate times where the actual dissenters of Nazi war crimes ended up as the leaders of the chairs at the UN? It was not by accident. 3D chess has been going on a very long time.

It's no joke; no secret, that North and South Korea is still a thing today, more than 70 years after the era of NATO, that we are STILL guarding the border where Russia left us behind. These divides have been a strategic political creation of the very agencies that come in the name of peace. They have ALL been strategic Communist moves across the globe. Vietnam, Germany, Korea... just because war efforts have been costly in money and lives, does not mean that the threat of Communist overtake and overreach was not, and is not, a very real thing. The only part imaginary, is the idea that a human Utopia exists on the other side of the pain. Freedom comes by the right to own: It goes all the way to your right over your own body.

Human nature exists in markets, in politics, and in the strategies of war. I am not a fan of war. I am not a fan of war-time politics. I am not a fan of manipulated data or any groups political or religious that believe in utterly overtaking the other side. I believe in defense, clarity, and realism.

All of this is so important to understand, because an attack on Capitalism does not help crypto to thrive. Human nature exists in Capitalism as well. But, people buy false narratives when they don't understand the tactics of the enemy forces. The entire plot of Communism is that Capitalism is the lowest form of organization, but it is the only one that works to raise funds for phase two. This should be the clue that Marx was a miserable analyst, political advisor and economist. He was bad at everything from philosophy to ethics. He spent his life taking from others, camping out at the kindness of friends and wives, leaving a trail of abandoned wives and children, some out of wedlock, and a large majority of his positions were 'borrowed' from his more-intelligent friends.

The idea is that Capitalism is the lowest rung of Communism. It is used to raise funds until the entire country is a work-force, that can then carry an even, equal burden to lift the system up to Socialism. This establishes a system with a government in tight control, but no longer seeking it's personal gain, distributing the efforts of all, back into a country with a fixed, planned economy that is tightly administered by means of a technocracy; the future hope that complete and total data on every cost, belief, detail and shortcoming creates efficiency that can lead to Communism, where there is plenty for everyone and human greed goes way.

One should then ask, why so many 'flavors' of Communism have been reached, and each one of them is the most bloated, greedy, power-hungry government force ever to overtake countries? If the economic plan is so well defined, why has "it never really been tried correctly"? The answer, is because there isn't a correct version. It doesn't eliminate the real problems of human nature; corruption, lust, greed, desire for power, lording control over others. These things happen given long enough, in any system. Man isn't making perfected systems. 

We have the technology today, that the Commies of the past lusted after. It is not accidental that they wish us to "have nothing and be happy". It is precisely the Communist motto minus the sickle. 

To understand Putin, one must understand his game: Hoard all of the Bitcoin.

The technology is established, and we are playing right into it.

Everyone who warns of its green impact, yells ban-hammer, is secretly planning to hoard it until the value skyrockets, and we shall have a "none for thee, all for me" new class designed of the few who have managed to grab up personal supply, while the governments of the world and wealthy individuals pounce on the value of limited supply.

If we do not get ahead of the game they are playing, and realize this is about manipulation, we are likely to lose a lot more than the ideologies of crypto in the play for what comes next. There are real masterminds at work, and there are total bone heads, and everything in between.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of people on planet earth are going to gain access to Bitcoin by purchasing it with fiat. Most people won't get paid directly from an employer's private wallet, though it's a good strategy as long as the employer doesn't get blacklisted from political opponents. Most people will set up accounts, link to their banks, and buy some Bitcoin and a few NFTs because they don't know the difference but if "insert famous person" says they're good, must be something to watch- lol.

If 'they' control the on/off ramps, we have a serious problem.

For these reasons, while I admire the efforts to push for legal tender status in the US, it concerns me that it is not taking into account the game being played from the left. Bitcoin, like any valuable tool or utility, is vastly different, in different hands. The left can use it as a means for real war crimes, and that will muddy the waters of the use of any kind of network supporting as such. Mining could very, very, very quickly become the hot-spot for bans across the globe, and it isn't the hash rate that concerns me, it's the permanent loss of freedom over our own sovereign use of choice in power.

In times of peace, there is NOWHERE on planet earth that the lights have gone out for any other reason than poor local government planning. Las Vegas exists. They use a lot of hydro and have some of the best upkeep of massive turbines. This stuff works, and it may seem like "a huge waste of energy", but energy is not finite! We have sunlight, we have earth, we have the forces of physics and the more we study the science of untapped resources, the more we will learn just how many things can be solved, recycled ad repurposed if the actual goal is using power for a system of good.

The other side's plan is to banbanbanbanban, control, legislate, regulate, taxtaxtaxtaxtaxtax, hoardhoardhoardhoardhoardhoard, and then hand out scraps as they yell "millions of new green jobs" while charging industry and individual alike, for new carbon taxes, new tax taxes, new taxes on commodities, unrealized gains, ending deferred tax credits, surveilling every bank transaction, tightening the noose from every angle.

All of this, very likely, in the name of punishing Putin.

None of this will have any effect.

Putin is linking two very important things: his influence over Europe's desperate need for natural gas (see what going narrow-minded and not promoting self-sovereignty does, you hypocrites?), and his playing 3D chess with Bitcoin. By intentionally painting freedom money as a weapon to get around sanctions, he planned this weeks in advance, and I called it out as it was happening.

I'm not much smarter than the average cryptonian, or let's say I shouldn't be any different in what I can observe from anyone else. But, you have to realize the strategies playing out. Putin is perfectly happy to play the villain if it means getting what he wants for his country. The cold war never ended in HIS eyes. He doesn't plan on failing, and right now, whoever is playing the actual role of POTUS for Biden, either has a terrible strategy, or really doesn't see the storm that's coming. The third option is possible, likely, and frightening. If this is intentional, then utter destruction does not scare them. Those who desire change at the hand of chaos, are the most dangerous forces of power.

Bitcoin is a very different tool in the wrong hands, than it is with its intended purpose. It can encourage using wasted energy, new forms of efficient energy, powering up volcanoes, generating incentives out of erasing capital gains and promoting the use of L2 solutions, or it can be used for government hoards, manipulated markets, bans on innovation, and that all-but-forgotten technocracy they are working so hard to enforce across the entire world. A few more moves from Gates, a few more moves from Klaus, a few more moves from the likes of Trudeau, and we will very quickly wonder how we didn't see it coming with the CBDC, digitalID and the next wave of virus, stacked on top of long-lasting side effects not yet studied.

Freedom is about to get very easy to steer, pack in, and control. What should we do to prevent it? Is there enough time to educate the world at large about why protecting the free market of crypto is the entire ballgame? I'm not sure the answer, but it's time to choose your side.

And on that note, a concerned Crypto Gordon Freeman, for now... out.

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