Bitcoin and Russia: Guilt By Association

By BitcoinGordon | BitcoinGordon | 28 Feb 2022

Should I even write a post? lol

Bitcoin+Russia = Guilt By Association

I don't know if you've heard anything about this, but apparently Putin has been making a little bit of a fuss over Ukraine recently.

Okay, yeah, we've all heard it; quite a lot of it, actually.

But, I'm interested in the collective, organized plotting and planning I believe has been taking place that makes one consider greater ramifications, concerns, and potential truths. What if Putin is more of a convenient foe in the plot to control all flows of money, than this being a naturally occurring invasion?

Many weeks back, the Russian Central Bank advisors proposed a total, outright ban on the use of cryptocurrencies, mining, buying/selling/trading, but not ownership. I stated that the following Wednesday would be the reversal, but it was Thursday instead. Putin has proposed making it legal, bringing it inside heavy regulation, only to allow accounts issued through the central bank, only with competency testing, and no private wallets.

This sounds eerily similar to what every other country wants to have happen. The main, I repeat THE main interest from all global governments, is Bitcoin. They will likely cite the utility and overall value of the Ethereum networks, and scorn stablecoins and Tether specifically, relying on antiquated and largely fabricated 'evidence' of past wrongdoing, ironically overlooking the thing Tether actually DID do quite wrong: why? I'm not entirely sure. Another discussion, another day.

I don't doubt the escalation and invasion of Ukraine to be real, and for Putin to be serious about his plot, but the sudden interest in arming citizens by the left should give anyone pause. Specifically, language appearing in our House committees, Infrastructure Bill, Build Back Mountain, and America Competes Act that include changing to the banking system, targeting the biggest concerns over cyber attacks, money laundering, and ransomware, heavy regulation on crypto, placing the ability to freeze and surveil accounts into the hands of appointees, removing citizen response and awareness, alongside a digitalID, are all in perfect synchronization with every major government around the world.

I believe in conspiracies, especially when they are plain as day and in the words of the conspirators, and I do not fall for false, misleading conspiracy theory traps like 'Q' and the sort. What I do see, if Russia and Putin playing a very easy, convenient villain, and this having a whole lot to do with natural resources and Bitcoin.

To paint Bitcoin as the villain, and not the victor, we need the world to unite under the same concern: what if sanctions no longer work?

It is, then, no coincidence, that at the same time the world was ramping up for fighting cyber crimes that have only now just begun, threatening Putin that if he invaded, there would be sanctions, Putin stated "it's okay, I'll just use Bitcoin".

It provides the weak-of-thought an easy target to place blame on the technology alongside the villain in their story. "See? I told you they were a bunch of shadowy super-coders!" yells Warren from her high chair. 

I don't have to imagine the verbiage or hear it from Psaki, to know it includes sharply condemning the risky and careless behavior of a dictator out of control, placing NATO nations in a compromising position that could push us near the edge of nuclear catastrophe. Quote me if I get it right.

Bitcoin must be heavily controlled, surveilled, regulated, and anyone who doesn't wish to come out into the light must be trying to hide something.

The crypto world screams "get yer crypto off of exchanges", but the real concern should be to get your crypto out of the crippling regulation-frenzied left.

Something stinks to high heaven, and it isn't the skunk in the middle of the road. 

I am absolutely not pro-Putin. He's a dangerous individual, but he does still speak for a large percentage of loyal Russian nationalists, and I don't say that in a demeaning manner. Russians were born in Russia- true facts by Gordon Freeman. They want to see a strong Russian leader, a strong Russian economy, and a strong Russian position in local politics. They do not want violence and bullying to their neighbors, for the most part.

Equally to blame, if not more, are the absolutely careless but calculated actions of the US government, whomever the pullers of the strings of the Biden puppet they may be. Sissy Generals? Dunno. the WEF+UN? More likely.

Where we go from here, depends on how bad they want to permit a parallel economy from continuing to gain ground. They will always seek a means for more control, and 2023 is the target year to align WHO global health virus action plans to a global ID, and we need to fight for our rights to privacy and self sovereignty while it is still an option.

Bitcoin is meant to be user-agnostic, and the public ledger makes it exceedingly easy to use for forensics if they are necessary. This cannot be yet another excuse used by globalists to invite themselves into our personal finances, but I believe we haven't begun to see the lengths they will go to force us into giving up freedom for security.

Keep your eyes opened. And, if you are one of the few losers who like giving me a thumbs down every article, likely without giving a read, at some point you might want to take a moment here and there to learn something from someone who's had a pretty firm finger on the pulse of how all of these things play out. I am the only person in the Binance community who called them out on banning US customers 7 months before they made the decision, led the citizen journalist team to get funds offloaded from the exit-scam FCoin, I've done somewhere around 20,000 successful trades since 2017 and can hum a few bars of "Oh, Canada" for good measure. So, it isn't the worst idea in the world to get a few insights about Stalin, Marx, real global Communism and the true nature of the left, regardless of the intentions of the willful followers of such. We live in dire times.

I'd love to see all of this stuff coming blow over, but mark my words: this is about framing Bitcoin as crypto for villains, and it is about every coin, token, NFT, DeFi, MetaFi, privacy coin and stablecoin. It involves all of us regardless of the direction the war takes.

Let's hope there are a few accidental good guys still remaining in representative politics, and the sooner that we wake the world up to the vitality of Bitcoin, the more likely we are given a future chance of freedom. It is always worth the sacrifice to fight for freedom.

And that, is the final note. And, on that final note, Crypto Gordon Freeman, the free man, for now... out.


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