My thoughts on Publish0x moving from BAT to Loopring for tips

My thoughts on Publish0x moving from BAT to Loopring for tips

By bitcoindelight | bitcoindelight | 22 Apr 2020

First of all, I have to apologize as I couldn't keep my promise to post consistently during the last few days. I am kind of angry with myself as I defined this as my top priority for blogging. Life can be tough sometimes...but it is what it is... 

I noticed that Publish0x moved recently from tips in BAT to Loopring. So far so good. If I can I make use of my daily tips but since we moved to Loopring I noticed that the donations went down quite significantly. Usually, I was able to reach the withdrawal limit for BAT within one week by reaching the maximum tips daily. But this week I didn't even earn more than 1 BAT ... DAI tips feel similar to Hydro donations they simply take ages to come even close to the withdrawal limit. 

So you might think what about the Loopring balance then. 12.2 LRC is currently on my balance, still only halfway to the withdrawal limit. Overall it seems that with the switch from BAT to Loopring value in tips was reduced as well. And we can't blame the movement of the crypto market for it. On top, I noticed that there is currently a lot of copy and paste for articles going on, so the quality went down as well. Hopefully, Publish0x will allow authors to update followers or engage with their community directly as we have currently reached a state that we praise quantity over quality. What is your experience with tips and quality lately?

Stay safe!

3) Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash



I started mining and trading in 2017, participated in airdrops, hardforks, and ICOs. I spent much time making myself familiar with technical analysis. I like to make people aware of things I am currently doing in the crypto space, projects I am currently spending time on.

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