Axie Infinity land giveaway
Axie Infinity land giveaway

Axie Infinity land giveaway

By bitcoindelight | bitcoindelight | 21 Mar 2020

I haven't seen this information on Publish0x yet. Therefore, please note that there is currently a giveaway available, that will allow you to get a piece of land for Axie Infinity if you are eligible to claim the giveaway. As long as you own 50 Kyber Network tokens (KNC) you can register for this giveaway organized by Axie Infinity themself.


If you currently don't have any KNC tokens I recommend to use uniswap to exchange any ERC-20 token or ETH for KNC. That is the current exchange rate:




There is not much information available how Axie Infinity will utilize the land within the game. But at least you should be able to trade the land back to some crypto or use it as a start when it comes to playing Axie Infinity. See the links below to the official website.





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