Axie Infinity - I won an origin Axie!!
Axie Infinity - I won an origin Axie!!

Axie Infinity - I won an origin Axie!!

By bitcoindelight | bitcoindelight | 6 Mar 2020

I can't deny that I have a weakness for gaming :) So it might be not surprising that I follow blockchain games and I am quite interested in some of them. At least I like to see how they utilize blockchain technology in most cases. Last night I came across a twitter post from - in his tweet he announced a giveaway for a blockchain game called Axie Infinity.


"Not another giveaway please" was my first thought and I was really close to hit ALT+F4. Suddenly, I saw that something was different as I noticed that he was using a platform I never heard of before - 

What is 

"It is a social network, enabling anyone to earn money by sharing their wisdom and creativity. Built on Ethereum". When you first visit it looks slightly different from what I've seen before. However, they have something that is called 'seeding'. 


"Seeding is a way for post creators to earn money directly from their fans, but it's also a powerful way for content consumers to earn (or at least get a discount on the) monetary support they give creators.

Seeding is what incentivizes other users to look at a post and respond. When you seed a post with ETH, 25% of your seeded ETH immediately goes to the creator of the post. The remaining 75% of your seeded ETH is given to those who have seeded before you. If you happen to seed a post first, that 75% is returned to you.

To illustrate by way of an example, let's say that you see a post that you think is cool. You seed it with $1.00 worth of ETH. 75¢ of that will be evenly distributed amongst those who seeded that post before you and 25¢ goes to the creator of the post.


For me, this is a pretty interesting concept. For my participation at this giveaway, it was required to seed this contest post to be eligible for the raffle. I like the graphics from Axie Infinity and although I never played the game I followed my passion to get a chance to win an origin Axie. From my understanding, those are similar to Gen0 Cryptokitties.

I went to bed and when I turned on my iPhone, I had plenty of new twitter notifications. Out of nowhere, I realized that I have won the giveaway! Man, I can't even remember the last time I have won something. 

So now, I think there is no excuse for me NOT to start looking into this game. Like I said so far I like the look of the graphics. I have joined their discord channel and the community is really friendly. The game itself looks to be in a playable state. A marketplace is established as well. Currently, I can't estimate how much my origin Axie is worth. But I am curious to find out more. And I highly recommend to check out this game if you are interested in blockchain games, trading, NFTs, etc. 

I might continue blogging about my start in Axie Infinity. Feel free to check out the links below and leave a tip to support my presence here at Publish0x. Thanks for reading.





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