Why open Blockchains matter

By trobitcoin | bitcoin_for_freedom | 29 Aug 2020

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Open space not suffering of borders. There is always room for innovation and improvement.

When a telephone companies faced with new technology named the internet they try first to bend and adopt it in their closed environment. They start to produce new digital standards and protocols (digital dailing, ISDN,...) to gain some benefits. 

But all their work was frutailess, because they can't understand that their need to have the full control was killing innovation.

Lately the open source movement is on the ride. Linux is almost everywhere. Numerous open source projects spawn on internet all over the place. There is an explosion of innovation.

One of the branches in this innovation movement is Cryptocurrency space. Many projects had been born and continue sprouting everywhere. But only those who is dedicate to stay in the open space will succeed in the long run.

All this mambo jumbo, companies, banks and enterprises is throwing around about blockchain and other crypto related stuff will end up in junk the same way telephone companies projects had. Where only wires survived to conduct internet technologies on, in the broad free open spaces. 

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