Decentralization is Name of the Game

By trobitcoin | bitcoin_for_freedom | 29 Aug 2020

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Ants are very simple creatures but as a community are very efficient. They are excellent example of decentralized anarchic society which can easily scale. Millions of ants is in such communities.

Their community can scale easily. They don't have any central entity for governance. Their protocol driven by fermons is simple and efficient and can cope whit all challenges in their existence. Their community have multiple points of failure.

Similarly every well designed Cryptocurrency must be decentralized. Existence of multiple points of failure garanties that it is resistance to attempts to bust it. No government or other powerful institution have a chance to take such Cryptocurrency down because it is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

We are used to the hierarchical structure of our communities and do not see advantages in flat nature of decentralized structures. Hierarchies don't scale well because when they grow too big, leaders in the top of the piramid lose critical information from the fundamentals more and more and eventually piramids crumble under it's own weight.F

Flat nature of decentralized structures allow well scaling. Communicating is done in simple protocols. Attacks on such structures can be stopped effectively and these communities is homogeneous and constant. This is properties, avery good Cryptocurrency must have.

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