BetFury Dapp: BTC Dividends and Passive Income

BTC Dividends and Passive Income

          Hello, my crypto fanatics, my satoshi stackers, and my bitcoin hodlers! It is time for another deep dive in examining the great features and Investment tools that BetFury has to offer us, and why it is a great opportunity for us to be apart of. I have already covered two features on BetFury, one being their bitcoin interest-earning boxes, and the second being their free bitcoin faucet that spews out free sats every twenty minutes. Please, if you have not, go and read those other posts to get caught up and have a broader understanding of the overall Dapp. Now, let's go and examine how we can position ourselves to benefit from this dividend program.

The Dividend Pool

          BetFury first and foremost is a gambling casino Dapp and while some players may win and profit off gambling, a larger percentage will lose. This is how the company generates revenue and makes a profit on a consistent basis; as the saying goes "The House always wins". However, we are not in to win big, instead, we seek to take a cut from the company's profit. How does it work? A percentage of the profit the company makes is put into a pool with four pools in total. Each pool is specific to a cryptocurrency that can be wagered, currently, BTC, TRX, USDT, and BTT can be wagered. Every day at 0 GMT time 3% of each dividend pool is distributed amongst all users who have BFG BTC or BFG TRX token in their account. The difference between the two tokens is that the BFG BTC pays out 90% of your dividends from the  BTC pool and the 10% from the others, whereas the BFG TRX token is vice versa. The pool amounts change real-time as players wage bets and when players net more wins then gains the pool drops a little, when the opposite happens the pool increases. Currently, at the time of this writing, the pool is around 59.16 BTC, however, a payout occurred a few hours ago which decreased it by 3%. 

BFG Tokens? How do I get one of those?

          Well you are going to need more than one to earn a good amount of sats every day. BFG tokens are the assets that allow you to get your share of the dividend pie. The more you have the larger your cut. At the time of writing 100,000 BFG BTC tokens will net you 78,017 satoshi's, 14.87 TRX, .04 USDT, and 31.64 BTT a day. For this post, we are focusing on BFG BTC as I believe BTC will be extremely scarce in the future and the average investor and crypto holder should attempt to accumulate as much as possible. By BetFury being a casino company we can guarantee it will last a long time as "The house always wins", our intelligence then reasons this benefits us as long term holders of BFG as we will consistently get tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of sats every single day. To get BFG BTC you simply have to play the games and for every 7,300 sats you wager, win or lose you mine the tokens. Keep in mind if you use TRX, USDT, or BTT you will mine BFG TRX instead. It is important to note the math is not linear, meaning if it takes 7,300 sats to mine 1 BFG BTC then do not assume you have to spend 73,000 sats to mine 10 BFG. Let's say you wager 7,300 sats and play a game 10 times, if you lose all 10 times then yes it cost you 73,000 sats to mine 10 BFG. However, you will not lose every single time, there will be plenty of times where you win, and when you win you get sats and also mine BFG. After playing many games I have developed a simple strategy that has allowed me and a few others to mine a lot of BFG BTC without having to wager large. 

Mining Strategy

          A strategy I use is to mine as much BFG with as little BTC possible. I am not trying to win the game, as our intelligence tells us overall we will lose, but instead, attempt to last as long as possible. Meaning if I only want to wager with 10,000 sats I will try to stretch those 10,000 for as long as possible. I only play the Dice game, it is the most profitable for mining and has an auto-bet feature that allows me to wager/mine while I sleep, work, or do other things. The Dice game is a simple game, there is a digital die that is rolled and can be anything from 0-99, you have to choose a number between 1-95 and predict whether the die will land over or under that number. The lower your prediction the greater your odds of losing, however, if you win the rewards are large. For instance, if you chose 8 as a prediction and chose the die will land under if you win you will receive X12.25 whatever your wager was. The key is to strike a balance, but remember it is not to gain a profit the reason we wish to win is to last longer and roll the die as many times as possible. Many users on the platform will claim that predicting 95 and putting the die will roll under is the best way to mine, but if you win you only win X1.03 what you bet. Mathematically, you will need to win 33 times for every loss in order to break even, the chances of this are possible but overall will not work and will cut your mining time down as the losses overtake the gains of the wins. Here is my strategy, that has worked well, however, do as you please, I am only sharing what I personally do:

  • Only Play Dice
  • Set Prediction at 43
  • Choose Roll Under
  • Set on Auto bet
  • Let the game go to 0

How much should you wager? My rule of thumb is if you were to lose every single time you should get at least 75 to 100 games. Thus, however much BTC you wish to play with divide by any number between 75-100 to get the amount you should wager per bet. For instance, if you have 100,000 sats you wish to play with on Dice, you should only bet between 100 - 133 sats. 

I'm tired of reading I want to Earn

          Ok, Ok, enough reading I only want to fully explain how it works so you can understand the opportunity that lies before you and why I love BetFury dividends. BetFury is a legitimate company and earns consistent profits on a daily meaning Me, you, and any token holder get our dividends consistently at the same time on a daily as well. In the past months, it has become almost habitual, I wake up and go about my day and at 0 GMT time, 7 pm for me, I know I have my dividends and when I get home I log in to collect. I don't worry about price action, or if my yield farming is profiting, No, I only think about collecting my cut of the pie at the same time every day as I have for months. Now you can too, why wait join now:


Thank you for taking the time and commitment to read and remember: "KEEPING STACKING THOSE SATS!" and "See you at the top". 





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Bitcoin Faucet? Bitcoin Dividends? Bitcoin Boxes?
Bitcoin Faucet? Bitcoin Dividends? Bitcoin Boxes?

This blog will follow the developments of a Tron Dapp called BetFury. This Dapp features BTC dividends, Faucets, and Staking boxes. We will explore the Dapp and follow future updates

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