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Crypto Weather Forecast

Crypto Weather Forecast

The Crypto Weather Forecast is my daily take on the crypto market, sometimes serious, sometimes sarcastic, often with a wink, and Always Honest!

My First Bear Market - Being wrong in a Bear Market is Expensive

10 Jul 2022 5 minute read 12 comments BitcoinBaby

It´s been about a month since I first got rugged... Can I call it rugged, I guess so. If you lend someone money and they don´t give it back you get rugged. Even if they have a disclaimer that they are not liable in case of Bankruptcy. Yup, if you hav...

A Positive Story About Terra Luna before it RIPs

12 May 2022 3 minute read 9 comments BitcoinBaby

I know everyone is talking about Luna and UST and how horrible the status of this project is.Well, I will let these people explain everything that is wrong with this project. They will do a much better job than me. I am just telling a little positive...

Why did I not see this coming?- This Dip happens every 4 Years

11 May 2022 3 minute read 12 comments BitcoinBaby

Why did I not see this coming? Why did I not wake up and smell the Dip? Why did I not listen? This dip, the one we are in now, the one I expect is not over until we reach 24-21K BTC was so obviously headed our way. I know I mentioned this in my previ...

How Low Can Bitcoin Go? I say 21K is the absolute bottom!

28 Apr 2022 2 minute read 6 comments BitcoinBaby

The Bitcoin price went down 5% yesterday 10% already on the weekly charts and it dropped over 20% on the monthly charts. Right now we are back at the March levels, which means very much near the bottom. Of course, the bottom is a matter of perspectiv...

I never thought I would be selling at a loss

27 Apr 2022 4 minute read 8 comments BitcoinBaby

Well, I am still a baby in the crypto business so don´t take my advice, I will just take my own advice and run with that. As mentioned in my previous article I made a huge mistake in the past.... I started buying ALTs on the way down from the last AT...

Earn $10 a month by having No coiners Tip you the BAT they make from the BRAVE ads

17 Apr 2022 3 minute read 3 comments BitcoinBaby

Okay, I now double-tested this little trick just to be sure I am not selling you any nonsense. But it really works and probably works as it´s designed to work. So what the H am I on about. Well, a couple of weeks ago I let you in on this little and v...

META ♾️(Facebook) - Wants You(r data)

14 Apr 2022 3 minute read 5 comments BitcoinBaby

Meta is looking for new ways to exploit the meta-verse to steal your data. Now I really am not a fan of Fakebook, I just do not trust any big tech companies but this one in particular. Let me give a couple of reasons, next to the fact that everybody...

CAKE DeFI Easter Bonus - Get a $40 DFI Bonus instead of $30

11 Apr 2022 1 minute read 0 comments BitcoinBaby

Yesterday I shared my One Year Experience with CAKE DeFI and guess what happened.... CAKE sends me a great promo Today. My first year CAKE DeFI Review - Did I get scammed?? Or did I get Cake? So what is the promo? Instead of $30 you get $40 sign-up b...

My first year CAKE DeFI Review - Did I get scammed?? Or did I get Cake?

10 Apr 2022 4 minute read 5 comments BitcoinBaby

So I deposited my initial deposit (which should be over 50 dollars) to get the $30 sign-up bonus in April. At that time using their calculator it looked like locking up that bonus for 10 years would turn it into 50K. So I wrote a little piece on that...

Teaching My Dad about (trading) Crypto - Don´t believe the Hype

13 Mar 2022 7 minute read 7 comments BitcoinBaby

 Well, this is part 3 of the series and this is gonna be a short call. I guess you know these guys right? And they were right! This also applies to the I can only advise the following If everybody is shilling a project you can bet y...