Abra (Cadabra) here you have $25 Magic Internet Money for Free

Well a little over a month ago I read Crytponators article about ABRA and although he did a great job describing what this new ABRA wallet was all about…. 

It´s great that you can use ABRA to Store, Buy, Trade, Borrow, and Earn Interest, but for this baby, it was all about the Benjamins.


Because what jumped out was that he mentioned that signing up with a friend's code like this one https://www.abra.com/ref/?deep_link_sub1=RCMPGGBFG  would get me 25 dollars of free crypto. 

Receiving $25 of free crypto in a month!!!

$ 25 dollars if I would send 15 dollars or more to their wallet. What´s the catch, right? There is no such thing as free money…or is there? 

I never believed in getting money for nothing until I stepped into the crypto-verse. Since I took the plunge I have seen many scams, but also received a lot of money for nothing. So why not risk $15 dollars and see if this deal is real?


And darn it was real, of course, the source being cryptonator made me feel a bit safer risking those $15. 

But in short: 

1st Jan 2022 - I send $20 in BCH to ABRA  paying like a cent in fees 

I played around a bit to see what was possible but with the Dip in early Jan and the fact that I could not drop below $15 dollars that first month I eventually took the safe approach. 

I transferred it to interest-earning TUSD with an 8% interest rate. 

During that month I received 24Crypto Perx (CPRX) and 0.09 cent TUSD which in total was over a dollar in rewards on an $18 investment in a month. 

Of course, I am more of a risky business baby myself, but well in this case, the main thing was to remain above $15 and earn myself $35 dollar of that magical internet money.  

So during that first month, I received 24 Crypto Perx (CPRX) and 0.09 cent TUSD which in total was over a dollar in rewards on an $18 investment in a month. 

The Crypto Perx $CPRX Token

The Crypto Perx token ($CPRX ) is an Ethereum, ERC-20 based token which ABRA uses as their utility Token. You will receive your $25 dollars in this token and can keep it and get some more Perks on Abra or swap it.

What Happened:

1st Feb 2022 – Checking my ABRA app every hour 

2nd Feb 2022 -  Damn, was it a scam, did I do something wrong, did I miss out on an easy $25?  

During the morning of that 2nd Feb I was sure I did something wrong as a full month and a day had passed and did not get a damn CPRX for joining. But that night the magic happened. I received my $25 dollars in CPRX, well to be honest I received $33. Not sure why but I got 280 and 468 CPRX at the 0.45 price which is $33.60


Now for the 2nd most important part, would there be any strings attached to this gift? 

So I exchanged half of my CPRX bonus back to BCH and sent it back to where it came from, no issues there and I at least broke even. 

Now what to do with my 36 dollars gift? Of which currently half was in TUSD earning interest and the other half was in CPRX earning less interest. Well, in the time it takes me to think of a purpose for this free internet money I will at least make sure to swap it for TUSD….  

And oops there it was…I reached the CPRX sell limit??? 

There´s always a catch, I knew it….what´s the deal I can sell max 500 CPRX per month?  But luckily it was not that bad. ABRA has a sell limit of 500 CPRX per hour, and indeed after an hour, I was able to swap my CPRX to the 8% interest earning TUSD. 

So after all it was an easy $35 dollar that magically appeared in my crypto pocket. If you want to do the same, please consider the below: 


Use a friend link to earn $25 (or more like me) instead of $15. This is the link refer a friend link https://www.abra.com/ref/?deep_link_sub1=RCMPGGBFG and this is the referral code RCMPGGBFG if you need it


While doing the  KYC I had a lot of trouble with the passport scanner… but after an hour of trying and not giving up I tried the other format button


and just like magic my KYC was sent and approved (sorry for the Dutch in the screenshot, just look for Other Format)


Make sure you remain above $15 so send about $20 and put them into interest-earning TUSD for a month just so that the market's volatility will not cost you $35 due to dropping below $15 for a second. 


If you wanna know more about ABRA and all the options it provides, read Cryptonators article if you´re here to make a quick 25 dollars subscribing to a new wallet click this link.

Feel free to hit the like button and have a lovely deal eeh day.  


PS- If you like this type of free crypto make sure to try CAKE DFI

Cake DeFi.  Here you have to invest $50 dollar and you get 30 dollars for free. You can withdraw your 50 dollars at any time or use them for Liquidity Mining, Staking, or lending to earn more DFI rewards. The 30 dollars is locked for 6 months but earning you interest of the 6 months. https://app.cakedefi.com/?ref=197670 

$30 CAKE DeFi for free and your $25 deposit back? Here´s How!


Post Scriptum (Yes, that is what PS stands for 😁)


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BitCoin Baby -  "Crypto is Fun"
BitCoin Baby - "Crypto is Fun"

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