Earn $10 a month by having No coiners Tip you the BAT they make from the BRAVE ads

Okay, I now double-tested this little trick just to be sure I am not selling you any nonsense. But it really works and probably works as it´s designed to work.

So what the H am I on about. Well, a couple of weeks ago I let you in on this little and very obvious way to earn BAT without having an Uphold wallet. 


Here´s a little recap. (or read the full article Swapping your BAT from Brave without using an (Uphold) Wallet)

BAT the Brave browser utility token is rewarded to Brave users based on the number of ads they received over a month. So you first need to install the Brave browser.

Then open a new Tab and look at the bottom right for the settings:


When you click on Rewards settings a new tab opens with you´re Brave Rewards details here you go to Brave Private Ads Settings: 75e8f25d9f192fefb2771c98f8dd3671fa6fc2d4e33cddc7775e9ccd3bbd5406.png

And there you can select the number of ads you would like to receive per hour.  I personally thought I set it to 10, but I noticed on the Laptop it was still saying 5. Hence writing this article doubled my Brave income already.


But of course, this is a personal thingy but I like those little pop-ups... weird that you do like pop-ups when they make you money. And especially on my laptop as I have it open 8-9 hours each working day as sort of a second screen while working.

So now you get the Max number of ads per hour...but what is the trick & what did I double-check.

The Trick

Well, last time I wrote how I did this swap of BAT for BCH with an online friend, but that did not allow me to see the transaction from both sides. So my double-check includes looking at this from both sides....making sure there is no Uphold or other wallet linked to the Brave account. 

But of course, I needed a victim, luckily my girlfriend got angry with me for not telling her about Brave in the first place...and by doing so provided the perfect test subject as I was sure she had no wallet whatsoever connected. But I needed to wait till the first week of April before she would be able to access her BAT made from the Brave ads.

When they arrived in her possession we immediately did what the Brave rewards were intended for..... rewarding online content creators/sites. So she went to my Twitter profile https://twitter.com/Tegendraads_69 and clicked on the BAT Icon left in the search bar, and then clicked on send tip.


And a minute later I received her Brave rewards and paid her with Fiat.

So it´s really not needed to have an Uphold wallet. You just need to know someone that does have an Uphold Wallet, and is willing to pay you.

Or even better

If it´s that easy how about having your whole Family earn Brave rewards for you....?

Why Not? It´s a good browser, the ads are not too impacting, and hey it´s not like they are into crypto anyway, right?


So my advice is to invite everybody in your family and all of your No coiner friends to do you a favor. Start using Brave Browser https://brave.com/download/ and every month or so have them visit your Youtube or Twitter account and tip you. It will take them a minute max. and all it will take you is sharing my article and asking if they are willing to support you.

Imagine that everyone and your aunt are sending you 2 BAT per month....that quickly adds up to 20 BAT, which is $10 dollar at the bare minimum each month. 

Well I am on my way to my aunt, as she had some laptop troubles anyway and well I guess I might just as well install a new default browser for her🧐

Hope you will benefit from the article and if so feel free to like and share it as there is nothing better than Love & Free crypto.


 P.S. If you are looking to earn yourself a $40 bonus this easter check out the CAKE DeFI promo article CAKE DeFI Easter Bonus - Get a $40 DFI Bonus instead of $30



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