Did you know BTC withdrawal fees on Exchanges go from FREE to $64???

Well, have I ever??

Everything in life becomes more expensive....that´s what the old folks say.

Not BTC Withdrawal fees. At least that is what I found out today.

Last year I transferred $300 dollars to my Coinomi Wallet from the Bitvavo Exchange.

BTW these guys are great if you´re in Europe and especially if you have a Dutch Bankaccount you can pay with IDEAL and they have amazing customer service. But back to BTC, last year I paid a 0.0003BTC withdrawal fee, while BTC was about the same price as it´s now. It was like 37K.

Now, I did the same this year and my Withdrawal Fee was reduced by 33% to 0.0002 BTC. It dropped from $13 to $8.78.

Originally I wanted to use the Kucoin exchange, as that was where I bought the BTC during the dip. So why did I not use my Kucoin exchange ?

Well, I guess you guessed it already, because I found out that Kucoin is asking 0.0005BTC ($22). Kucoin is very interesting for lots of reasons, but their BTC withdrawal fee is not one of them.

Now I just saved myself $14. What I did next to still get the BTC from Kucoin to Bitvavo was to swap my BTC for BCH on Kucoin. Pay less than 25 cents in fees for the swap, send the BCH to Bitvavo pay 50 cents to sell it. And use the 12 dollars I did not spend on fees on buying GLMR or EGLD on Kucoin. I am not sure yet which to buy (you can leave your suggestions in the comments).

But what I wanted to point out is to carefully check the withdrawal fees of your exchanges, below link is a nice place to do so:


Because the differences are huge!

From no fee at FixedFloat to over $60 at Coinone






Hope this helps you save a couple of dollars.

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Post Scriptum (Yes, that is what PS stands for 😁)


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BitCoin Baby -  "Crypto is Fun"
BitCoin Baby - "Crypto is Fun"

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