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When it comes to the gaming community fun along with value come hand in hand. As value increases for a game the demand for it gets pumped much in the case with what we saw from Axie Infinity. Splinterlands is a have based crypto game that offers collecting of NFTs along with continued development and it's own currency called DEC.

SPS Airdrop Announced

Axie Infinity has a governance token and soon Splinterlands will which is called SPS. Axie governance tokens as of writing this sell at $41.31 with a total of 55,260,000 current supply. Splinterlands supply I believe will be larger which means it will take twice if not more of the market cap to reach those levels. That doesn't mean however that these shards have to potential of holding some serious value which will be air dropped on to players over the course of the next 365 days.

This airdrop will be calculated by account values for owning SPT tokens (hive community token) DEC (hive token), land, titles and cards that I know of possibly more things. This is creating a massive demand for DEC and cards etc at the moment.

Rental Cards

Another great way to earn some passive play to earn rewards is by offering up your unused cards as rental cards. Each day DEC is paid to you to rent out cards which with a large deck can seriously start stacking up. These most likely will start to increase in value as some of the other aspect of the game come forward such as land and crafting in the system.

Guilds Are Important

By being a part of a guild not only do you get great bonuses such as reduce cost in getting new packs along with other bonuses but soon they will also have their own rewards from brawls 2.0 update.

These braw rewards will come in the form of merit points and crowns (crowns are currently earned) these can be traded in for four known rewards.

  • Gladius Cases - Unique cards which can not be traded
  • Spy Glasses - used to spy on other guilds before battles take place
  • Blood Stones - double chances at earning legendary cards from Gladius cases
  • Power Stones - double chances at earning a gold foil card

Splinterlands and DeFi

Did you know you can also put your earned DEC to work for you in DeFi? Yep! That's right Splinterlands is the only game I know of that allows you to take your in game earned currency and add it to a trusted DeFi playform called CubDeFi Providing liquidity to the platform earns you a DeFi token called CUB.

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