Doge is a Triple Buy

By Bit Dawg | Bit Dawg | 1 May 2021

DOGE.  It is a young person thing. That is good for business.  Many businesses want young customers.  Young customers are the lifeblood to continued existence of businesses.  Facebook acquired Instagram to stay young and relevant and compete with Snapchat.  Facebook Snapchat and Instagram all started as fun things.  Facebook was started as Hot or Not and grew to the sensation it is now.  Snapchat started as a disappearing sexting app and now is a multi billion dollar company.   Will Facebook Snapchat Instagram YouTube Amazon and other internet companies start taking it to allow tipping of influencers performers instructors and buying of merch?  Dogecoin is a young person crypto.  To get the young customers that own it all businesses can put it on their platforms, buy it, brand their products with it, and get those young customers.   It’s a win win.  Their doge increases in value and the businesses sales increase in value with the meme brand.  It’s a no brainer buy with huge catalysts ahead.  It’s the 5th largest crypto so it’s a no brainer that Coinbase and Gemini and other exchanges will soon on-ramp it driving up the value.  Elon “Doge Daddy” Musk is behind it.  Will he promote it next Saturday in SNL?   Will he talk on SNL to the astronauts on the space station?   Hmmmm.  Mark Cuban and other celebs are behind it.  Trillions can pour into it overnight.  There is no limit to the amount of money that could come into it.  It’s a triple buy here guys.   Bark at ya later.  

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Bit Dawg
Bit Dawg

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Bit Dawg
Bit Dawg

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