Melanoma: be careful.

Clinician/Cancer Survivor : #8 X-X-ray

By PABarb | Best of Health-Ask The PA | 14 Jun 2020


So after yesterday’s post I am going to take a right turn!   Hopefully this will empower you if you are ever diagnosed with cancer or have symptoms requiring imaging and lab work to be prepared.  

let’s chat imaging

As a cancer patient you have no idea what you’re in for. For me at first until my surgeries were  done I was not sure if I would be qualifying for any therapy...And the right therapy for Melanoma is a game changer.

Let me give you a little idea of what my journey has been like from 4/18 to now...,

The worse phone call you can get us ... you have metastasis to lymph nodes. Was that meant for me was I was stage III B melanoma and I would  qualify for immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is fascinating and I can’t wait to discuss is in another post with you. It SAVES lives....

Never in my wildest dreams would I realize that in the next year I would be subject to three Pet scans, three MRIs, three ultrasounds, 29 blood draws, 26 IVs no actually 29 IV -26 with each treatment and 3 with each MRI.  

I focused on the fact that I wanted my life to be as normal as posible as I fight.  I elected not to have a port because that would remind me everyday that I was a cancer patient   

Towards the end of my treatments the nurses got nervous as they could only use my left sude and my veins was getting scarred up    But WE made it!    

I share with you I have many types of imaging  but NOT an X-ray and in the next month I face another round- ultrasound,  2 MRIs and labs. I am confident things will be ok!  

Please be proactive, be smart...  my book Surviving the Business of Healthcare shares a lot of ways to get better care and save money.  I am here to share and advocate and loving learning about crypto.    All my links are found on my website    

Check my Passion out and know whether whatever journey you are dealing with you are not alone.  

Until Tomorrow....




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Best of Health-Ask The PA
Best of Health-Ask The PA

Some tips and anecdotes about obtaining better health through my experiences as a 4th generation Family practice provider, advocate, cancer patient and care giver! Lots of stories that may save lives and save money along the way! Straight talk with Barb

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