Clinician/cancer survivor #16 T-Tired
To my dear friend RIP

Clinician/cancer survivor #16 T-Tired

By PABarb | Best of Health-Ask The PA | 22 Jun 2020


Today,  I’m gonna share with you a story about a good friend of mine who died this past weekend. She did not die of Covid. I truly believe that she died because she was tired of fighting for what was rightfully hers. 

Up to three years ago she was probably one the most positive and fun people I ever met. lots of laughs and adventures 

Unfortunately,  she was restless and very angry because she was fighting business partners over final separation so she and her husband could MoveOn. 

Unfortunately, they met opposition every step of the way in this probably led to her death. Stress kills.

Lawyers, money, lack of cooperation by all parties some of which wee family just ate away at my friend piece by piece. Her attitude was about winning no matter the cost!  What a sad mistake...

I have learned in my own dealings these past few years.  
Sometimes  you just have to cut your losses and go on. Last time I saw her I begged her to just breathe, Reflect, enjoy what she had around her. By continuing to fight a battle that was seemed to go on forever, was not going to end well accept for the lawyers. 

She was a bit stubborn and not willing to compromise. It was all or nothing even if it killed her she said. Well, I honestly think it did and now we know who “won”

She continued to fight but you could tell she was just getting more and more tired. Her stubbornness for the WIN, no matter the cost,  caused her turmoil, grief and unfortunately her life.

A lesson I learned long ago...Sometimes you have to come to terms with what is and that  sometimes you just can’t have what you think you deserve or feel entitled to.

I asked why?  

Continue to allow yourself to be in situations where everything just became so crazy.

Why are you allowing this to hurt you resulting in mental and physical health problems?

Why allow yourself to  become very tired and in this case choosing not to Accept where you’re at.

What about compromising and make changes?

To continue down a road that not longer serve you is so destructive...

Why...  She was tired and now she is gone😭

 I will so miss my friend.  I hope  can Rest In Peace!  Thank you for great memories and I love you! 

I share this as I hope somehow this post will reach someone and help bring some sort of clarity!   🙏🙏❤️

Beat of Health!


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