GooseBet Crypto Casino Offers Awesome Daily Income! How to Get More GBT Tokens (profit share) with the Dice Game!

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GooseBet offers a unique opportunity to earn a good passive income. Be early and win!

Goal - Maximum daily revenue for your/my investment!

It's only day 24 and the first 60 days are the best for earning GBT tokens! 10.4% of the dividend pool is paid, dropping 0.2% per day until it reaches steady state of 3%. Daily pool likely to grow well before that too! Means more daily profits!

How to achieve our goal? Use the Dice game set at 95% win rate! 

GBT tokens (entitle owner to profit share) on GooseBet are earned by the amount that you bet in total (win or lose). So we need to bet the maximum amount. Currently 915 TRX bet = 1 GBT tokens. But it goes up by 5 TRX per day! Making it harder to get! So the best way to get 915 TRX bet is to bet a small amount at 95% win. Here's how... 

Firstly, You need to sign up on GooseBet >

Secondly, decide your investment amount (maybe $25 or more) and then deposit your preferred crypto currency (BTC, ETH, TRX, or USDT). 

  • 915 TRX / 1 GBT
  • 0.0589 ETH / 1 GBT
  • 0.00174115 BTC / 1 GBT
  • 16.65 USDT / 1 GBT

Third, select the 'Goose Dice' game and setup the Dice game as follows:


*** When you mine BGT tokens you will spend ALL your deposit in exchange for a share of the casinos daily dividend pool (profit). So an investment for a daily return. It's a Great passive income. Current return is 500% per annum! The power of crypto casinos!

My Earnings so far...

I have earned for 19 days so far and made $172 USD in revenue in 19 days. I now have 1900 GBT tokens and will get more! GooseBet is performing very well, and I track the numbers! I expect my daily profit to go up faster in the next 5 days and well into the future!

JOIN today:

Have fun!




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