Dragons of the sea have awakened from the dark depths | Splinterlands Battle Challenge

Dragons of the sea have awakened from the dark depths | Splinterlands Battle Challenge

By Behiver | behiver | 20 Oct 2021


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It simply isn't a story worth telling if it is not about dragons. And from the dark depths of the sea, both Water and Magic Dragons have surfaced and stormed into the work more hungry than ever. They've posted a flock of Life warriors or rather mercenaries and they were easy prey for the magical creatures arising from the core of the Earth through Watter.

The Dragons army was led by Daria Dragonscale which summoned the largest and fiercest Dragons along with getting under her spell some powerful Water Monsters.
The Robo-Dragon Knight got in front of the army through its enormous shield and life mana harvested through robotics and genetic manipulation. This monster stands its ground and held the front line without a drop of sweat.
The Manticore followed in line with its powerful thorns while being a cross bread between a Dragon, a Lion, and a Scorpion and using all these abilities in his favor.
From the Water the Medusa, Ruler of the Seas and Crustacean King have joined the army and making great magic damage while giving extra armor (+2) to the entire army and as well restoring a portion of the monster in first position each round.
A dragon that is deadly completes the army on the battlefield and it is the Black Dragon, Korjack. Korjack is greater in size by far than all other living Dragons, and he could rule them all if he had the ambition, but he just prefers to increase his life each time it hits an adversary.

The Dragons of the Sea as I call it is a formation that makes any other army tremble and often runs from the battlefield. With such warriors, the victory is just a matter of time!

Come join the good fight within the Splinterlands!

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