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By WhiteWalrus | Beer Money | 3 Oct 2020

I've been claiming on these web sites and have sold the crypto to buy CoinPot Tokens at a 7.57% APR on the Standard Tier. Top tier will get you 54.92% APR.

If you claim daily, you will get a Loyalty Bonus of 1% each day. I am currently at 33%. You can also get a Mystery Bonus which can be anywhere from 1% and up.

For example, I've claimed 8 satoshi and was given 16 satoshi, because Loyalty and Mystery Bonus added up to 100%.

The faucet is very easy to claim. You just need to enter your e-mail for each site and all the funds go to your CoinPot dashboard. There's no fee to exchange crypto or withdraw to your favorite wallet or exchange.

You can claim every 5 minutes, but hourly is more manageable. You can either do SolveMedia or Google reCaptcha. SolveMedia is easy to do and you can refresh if you can't solve the word. If you visit the site ever 4 hours, your Google reCaptcha should not require anything more than clicking the checkbox.




This is the only that average ~10 satoshi (BTC) every 15 minutes. Make sure you update the setting so you get the average not the roll the dice that can go from 5 satoshi and up.

Bitcoin Cash:




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Beer Money
Beer Money

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