UPDATED: The American Dream Is Alive and Well!

Update: Please Watch Andrei Jikh - How to become a Millionaire on a low income!

So many times I hear folks talk bad about America and how hard it is to achieve the American Dream. I disagree with folks and believe they have the incorrect view about how it works. I provide a 4 step process and if anyone were to do it they too could live the American Dream!

Step 1: Create Value

Step 2: Save and Invest

Step 3: Wait

Step 4: Be Grateful

Life is a ladder to climb, we all start off a rung one and from there the sky is the limit but you MUST work to climb the ladder! 



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Becoming a Better You
Becoming a Better You

I believe that each of us bear a responsibility to do all we can to manage ourselves well. If we do we could very well make the world a better place - it all starts with you.

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